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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 7.07.82

WPCQ TV Studios, Charlotte NC
Taped Wed. July 7, 1982 ● Orig. Aired Sat. July 10, 1982
Host: Bob Caudle.  Color commentary by David Crockett (title match) and Sir Oliver Humperdink on other matches.
Referee: Sonny Fargo

  • Jack Brisco vs. Roddy Piper (Mid-Atlantic title match)
  • Sgt. Slaughter vs. King Parsons
  • Greg Valentine vs. Keith Larson
  • Steamboat/Youngblood vs. Bill White/Ali Bey


Welcome by Bob Caudle and David Crockett
  - - David Crockett explains situation with Mid-Atlantic champ Jack Brisco and Roddy Piper, who currently has possession of the Mid-Atlantic belt. Piper stole the belt, but Brisco is officially the champion. The NWA has been fining Piper $1000 a day until he returns the belt. Finally, an agreement was made earlier that afternoon that if Brisco would come up with $10,000 (ostensibly for Piper to recoup what he has had to pay in fines), Piper would give the belt to an official assigned by the NWA, and Piper and Brisco would wrestle on TV, the winner to be Mid-Atlantic champion and to be awarded both the belt and the $10,000. 

David Crockett: "Mr. Brisco had to come up with cash, you wouldn't accept a check..."
Roddy Piper: "No checks in Scotland, no."

Interview - Piper comes out and turns the belt over to David Crockett, who gives him the money from Brisco. Piper counts the money only to find the money is short of the ten grand. Piper, enraged, grabs back the belt, but doesn't want to give the money back since he feels like he was going to be swindled, an angry David Crockett telling him that's Brisco's money, and if he's calling off the match, then give back the money. Wahoo McDaniel and Ricky Steamboat come out and tell Piper that Brisco was caught short on the holiday when the banks were closed (I guess it was an unannounced July 7 holiday) and Brisco had put up $6,000, and they would each put up an additional $2,000 each to make the $10,000. Piper recounts the money, then finally agrees to give NWA official Stu Shwartz the belt as well as hold his money through the match. Piper then demands one additional stipulation - - that Wahoo and Steamboat be barred from ringside and if they enter the studio that he will automatically win the Mid-Atlantic title. 

Interview - Roddy Piper continues to rant and rave until David Crockett comes out and tells Piper to get in the ring and wrestle.

[★] Mid-Atlantic Championship: Jack Brisco vs. Roddy Piper
  - - A long, tense, excellent battle between the two. In the end Piper pulls a roll of coins from his trunks and nails Brisco with it and  referee Sonny Fargo makes the count despite coins littering the ring. Brisco is knocked unconscious. WHen questioned about the money in the ring, Piper claims fans through it in the ring.

Referee Sonny Fargo checks on Jack Brisco who lies unconscious
in the ring.

An exhausted Roddy Piper collapses in the floor after winning the
Mid-Atlantic championship and $10,000 from Jack Brisco

Local Promo Spot (Live) - King Parsons

[ ] Sgt. Slaughter (U.S. Champ) defeats King Parsons with a Slaughter Cannon.

Halftime Interviews - New Mid-Atlantic heavyweight champion with belt and $10,000 cash, and will pay the $9,000 fine and party with Sgt. Slaughter with the rest.

New Mid-Atlantic champ Roddy Piper and U.S. champ Sgt. Slaughter
celebrate Piper's win over Jack Brisco

[ ] Greg Valentine defeats. Keith Larson  after a Bionic Elbow smash.

Local Promo Spot (Live) - Greg Valentine
  - - Greg explains how he just got through a giant tour of the northeast and "took the title away from their champion Bob Backlund." But he's back in the area where he did it all including wrestling guys like Wahoo McDaniel and Ric Flair. He tells the story about breaking Wahoo McDaniel's leg (1977.) Valentine even challenges NWA champion Ric Flair who he reminds that he broke his nose years back... "more dirty laundry."

[ ] Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood vs. Bill White and Ali Bey

Final Interviews - Wahoo McDaniel, Jack Brisco, Ricky Steamboat
  - - Wahoo tells Brisco not to worry about the money, they will take it out of Piper's hide.
VTR: Replay of Piper beating Brisco

NWA World: Ric Flair
World Tag: Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen (Georgia)
U.S.: Sgt. Slaughter
Mid-Atlantic*: Roddy Piper
Mid-Atlantic Tag: Pvt. Nelson & Kernodle
TV: Ivan Koloff

* new champion

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