Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 06.23.82

WPCQ TV Studios, Charlotte NC
Taped Wed. June 23, 1982 ● Orig. Aired Sat. June 26, 1982
Brisco/Steamboat team; Roddy Piper vs. Jake Roberts
Referee: Sonny Fargo

  • Jack Brisco / Ricky Steamboat vs. Matt Borne / Steve Seibert
  • Roddy Piper vs. Jake Roberts
  • Jimmy Valiant vs. Bill White
  • Sgt. Slaughter  and the Privates vs. Rotundo / Kiniski / Davis
  • Wahoo McDaniel / Jay Youngblood vs. Ken Timbs / Ali Bey

Welcome by Bob Caudle
Interview with Ricky Steamboat and Jack Brisco. 

Jack welcomes Ricky back from Japan, and says Steamboat will be his tag partner in matches with Piper and Muraco, and Steamboat has his back. They show some tape of recent events with Piper and the Briscos. Tapes are shown from recent TV of: (1) Piper injures Jerry Brisco (2) Piper attempts to put Jack out with chair during his match with Muraco.

[ ] Jack Brisco (MA) / Ricky Steamboat defeat Matt Borne / Steve Seibert wen Steamboat pins Seibert after a combination top rope chop/ belly to back suplex. Amazing work between Matt Borne and Ricky Steamboat, including some beautiful signature arm-drags by Steamboat.

[] Jake Roberts defeats Roddy Piper by DQ. Color commentary by Ricky Steamboat. A brutal match. Piper is particularly aggressive early on, but Roberts makes a good comeback. Sgt. Slaughter interferes by tripping Roberts  as he attempts a knee lift and Piper is disqualified. 

Interview (Local Promo Spot) - Privates Kernodle and Nelson, the new Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions. 

[ ] Jimmy Valiant defeats Bill White. 

Halftime Interview - Sgt. Slaughter with Privates Kernodle and Nelson; Roddy Piper; Ninja.

[ ] Sgt. Slaughter (US) and the Privates (MATT) defeat Mike Rotundo / Kelly Kiniski / Mike Davis when Slaughter pins Davis after Davis misses a dropkick and is clotheslined by Sarge. Mike Davis goes nuts until Sgt. Slaughter shuts him down.

Interview (Local Promo Spot) - Kelly Kiniski and Mike Rotundo

[ ] Wahoo McDaniel / Jay Youngblood defeat Ken Timbs / Ali Bey when Youngblood pins Timbs after a flying double chop.

Final Interview - Paul Jones, Jack Brisco


  • Jim Nelson and Don Kernodle are the new Mid-Atlantic tag team champs having defeated Porkchop Cash and King Parsons. 
  • Sgt. Slaughter tells referee Sonny Fargo "I'll give the orders around here!"
  • The enhancement talent currently in the area is just outstanding in the ring, including Mike Davis, Ken Timbs, Mike Rotundo, Kelly Kiniski, and the perennially good Bill White. 


  • NWA World Champion: Ric Flair
  • World Tag Team Champs: Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen**
  • U.S. Champion: Sgt. Slaughter
  • Mid-Atlantic Champ: Jack Brisco
  • Mid-Atlantic Tag Champs*: Pvts. Don Kernodle and Jim Nelson
  • TV Champion: Ivan Koloff
* New champion this week
** Not currently in the area. (In Georgia)