Saturday, May 7, 2011

One I've been waiting for.

It appears that one of the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling shows I've really been wanting to see will finally be showing up on WWE Classics on Demand. It is the episode taped 7/7/82 and it is scheduled to debut on 5/18/11.

This is the show where Roddy Piper defeated Jack Brisco for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight championship. It's not that this match itself is that rare. It appeared on the WWE Roddy Piper DVD release, and has appeared on the WWE Classics channel before as part of a Hall of Fame package. It's on YouTube, I'm sure.But that was just the match itself; I've always wanted the whole show. Part of what makes that match special is all the stuff leading up to it, including Piper's classic interaction with Wahoo McDaniel, Ricky Steamboat, and referee Stu Shwartz. And, especially as time goes by, I enjoy seeing entire shows, and the perspective on events that comes along with that.

The show is a highlight of an amazing year for Jack Brisco on Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, where he had great TV matches with Piper, Don Muraco, Ric Flair, and Paul Jones during that year, all of which were excellent.