Thursday, April 28, 2011

Buckeye Cable System still using old logo

The Buckeye cable system carries WWE Classics On Demand, but still has the old logo on their website. No information on the WWE programming line-up is offered.

MACW Info on Charter Website

Friday, April 22, 2011

First Look: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling 6.30.82

While we continue to catch up with reports on shows that have aired while we were on hiatus, another show has aired on WWE Classics on Demand and we offer a summary from Gateway contributor Brian Rogers.

The Rogers Report
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling 6.30.82

Bob welcomes us to another outstanding week of matches. Roddy Piper joins Bob to discuss his feud with Jack Brisco and his taking the Mid-Atlantic belt. Piper shows us a video of his buddy from Hawaii Don Muraco in action and then an interview with Muraco. Back in the studio,Piper challenges Brisco and Steamboat to take on he and Muraco. Oliver Humperdink then joins Bob to say he is here to check out the great talent in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Our first match is Angelo Mosca vs Jay Youngblood. SOH joins Bob for commentary this week on all the matches. Youngblood starts strong and uses the headlock to try and wear down the bigger Mosca. Angelo comes back with the bearhug and works on Youngblood's back. A great back and forth battle between the two. Mosca gets DQ'd by using Youngblood's hair to continuously slam Jay's head into the mat. Steamboat hits the ring to help Jay. Mosca goes to the podium and has some words for Steamboat in the ring.

Our next match is Greg Valentine in action returning to the area. The "Hammer" dominates the match and gets the win with the suplex and big elbow. Steve Seibert and David Patterson join Bob to discuss various issues going on in the area. Next match features Seibert and Patterson as they go up against Wahoo McDaniel and Paul Jones. Jones gets the victory with the Indian death lock. Back from break and Piper has joined Bob again with the stolen Mid-Atlantic belt and taunts Brisco some more. Sgt Slaughter then joins Bob and has some comments for Wahoo. Piper and Valentine come to the podium and Valentine says he is back and ready for all kinds of action.

Back from break and in the ring is Roddy Piper in action. Piper dominates and gets the win with the big suplex. Back at the podium,Bill White joins Bob and says Piper just sent a message to Brisco and discusses his upcoming match with Steamboat. After break,we see the matchup between Steamboat and White. Ricky gets the win in a very good match with lots of back and forth action. Jay Youngblood,Wahoo,and Steamboat join Bob for some comments to close out this weeks episode.

This report was provided to the Mid-Atlantic Gateway by Brian Rogers