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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 05.26.82

Taped Wed. May 26, 1982 • Originally Aired Sat. May 29, 1982
WPCQ TV Studios, Charlotte NC
Don Muraco turns on Wahoo McDaniel <>
Referee - Bill Alfonzo

Summary of the live studio matches:
[ ] Wahoo McDaniel/Don Muraco vs. Juan Renosa/Bill White
[ ] Terry Gibbs vs. Ken Timbs
[ ] Johnny Weaver/Mike Davis vs. Pvts. Nelson and Kernodle
[ ] Ivan Koloff/Ninja vs. The Samoans


New U.S. Champion Wahoo McDaniel
Host Bob Caudle introduces the new U.S. Champion Chief Wahoo McDaniel, who admits that winning the U.S. title has complicated his bid for the world tag titles with partner Don Muraco. Don comes out and says he is very frustrated with Wahoo's commitments for his new U.S. title becasue he moved his family here from the west coast with one thing on his mind only - to win the NWA world tag team titles. He then walks off. Wahoo says he hopes he can smooth things out because he and Muraco have become good friends.

Muraco expresses his dipleasure over Wahoo's US title win.

[ ] Wahoo McDaniel (U.S.)/Don Muraco defeat Juan Renosa/Bill White

This is the match where Muraco turns on Wahoo. During the match Sgt. Slaughter comes out to ringside trying to distract Wahoo. Wahoo goes for the pin following a big chop on Bill White, but Sarge pulls White under the ropes breaking the count. White gains advantage on Wahoo who finally makes a needed tag to Muraco. As Wahoo climbs through the ropes to the outside apron, Sarge takes off his belt and hits Wahoo with it. Wahoo goes after Sarge and chases him out of the studio. Shortly thereafter, Muraco goes to the corner to make a tag, but Wahoo isn't there. White and Renosa continue to work over Muraco who is at this point desperately fighting both men. Wahoo returns to the ring, and Muraco finally angily makes the tag, and then walks out of the studio himself leaving Wahoo to White and Renosa, who brutalize Wahoo for several minutes. Finally Wahoo lands the big chop on White coming off of the ropes and gets the pin, but is very angry and suprised that Muraco left him.

Interview - Wahoo McDaniel
FILM - Greensboro - Wahoo defeats Sgt. Slaughter for the U.S. title.

Referee Stu Shwartz stands over a victorius Wahoo McDaniel
after he won the U.S. title from Sgt. Slaughter.

[ ] Terry Gibbs defeats Ken Timbs by pinfall after rolling Timbs to his shoulders from a standing abdominal stretch.

Local Promo Spot (Live in Studio) - Mid-Atlantic tag champs Nelson and Kernodle, plus Juan Renosa

Mid-Atlantic Tag Champs Pvts. Nelson and Kernodle

Interview - Johnny Weaver lets everyone know that Jake Roberts has been injured and will not be able to face the Privates on the program tonight. Weaver will select another partner, Mike Davis.
FILM - Greensboro - Roberts/Valiant vs. Koloff/Ninja - Ninja injures Jake Roberts (this is likely when Roberts left the Mid-Atlantic territory)  Interview - Jimmy Valiant

[ ] Johnny Weaver/Mike Davis (replaces Roberts) vs. Pvts. Nelson and Kernodle (MATT)
-- match stopped for commercial break, per David Crockett. Match will continue after halftime interviews.

Halftime Interviews - Angelo Mosca, Ivan Koloff, Ninja, Sgt. Slaughter

[ ] Johnny Weaver/Mike Davis (replaces Roberts) vs. Pvts. Nelson and Kernodle - part 2!
--the Privates win when Nelson pins Davis. Privates attack Davis after the match, throwing Weaver to the floor. Save by Ron Ritchie, and then Weaver cleans house.

Bob Caudle and "Superman" Roddy Piper

Interview - Roddy Piper (Superman/Big Rod t-shirt). Defends what he did "I'm just the cream on your mashed potatoes, brother!" Says Briscos had been running there mouths, Jerry had it coming. "Ever since you were this little, Brisco, you concentrated on becoming a good wrestler. Well, Mr. Brisco, perhaps you should have concentrated on growing up to me a man."
VCR - Piper injures Jerry Brisco and Tony Russo from last week.

Local Promo Spot B (Live in Studio) - Ron Richie, Terry Gibbs ( talks about his "Wrestlers Do It on the Mat" t-shirt) 

[ ] Ivan Koloff/Ninja vs. The Samoans
 --has to tell Somoans which corner to go to!

Final Interviews - Jack Brisco (with Mid-Atlantic title belt) and Paul Jones

* * * * * * *
Old Records Format:
MCW 5-26-82                                                                  
Comment - New U.S. Champ Wahoo McDaniel, Don muraco
• McDaniel/Muraco (Muraco turns)
Interview - Wahoo McDaniel
FILM - Greensboro - Wahoo wins US title
• Terry Gibbs
Local Promos - Nelson and Kernodle, Juan Renosa
Interview - Johhny Weaver and Jimmy Valiant
FILM - Greensboro - Ninja injures Roberts
• Pvts. Nelson and Kernodle vs. Weaver/Davis
Halftime - Mosca, Koloff, Ninja, Slaughter
Local Promos - Richie and Gibbs
• Koloff/Ninja vs. Samoans
Final - Jack Brisco, Paul Jones

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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 05.19.82

Taped Wed. May 19, 1982 • Orig. Aired Sat. May 22, 1982
WPCQ TV Studios, Charlotte NC
Roddy Piper injures Jerry Brisco
Referee - Sonny Fargo

Summary of the live studio matches:
[ ] Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco vs. Gary Moore and Steve Seibert
[ ] Jerry Brisco vs. Tony Russo
[ ] Mike Davis vs. Carl "Pretty Boy" Fergi
[ ] Killer Khan vs. Ken Timbs
[ ] King Parsons vs. Jim Dalton
[ ] Sgt. Slaughter (U.S.) vs. Mike Rotundo

Bob Caudle and Jake Roberts open the show talking about the tournament for the NWA World Tag Team tournament and Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen being the Eastern Division winners. It will be a "World Series" best of seven for the finals of the tournament A site for the finals has not been selected. Sandy Scott will announce the first four cities in the Best of Seven.

Jake says the match that should have continued this week between he and partner Johnny Weaver vs. The Privates will not take place because Weaver and the Privates are all out of the country. (Really?)

[ ] Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco defeat Gary Moore and Steve Seibert when Wahoo pins Seibert following a chop.
Commentary by Roddy Piper. Piper claims Wahoo, Muraco, and Piper are afraid to get in the ring with him.

Sonny Fargo tells the Briscos only one can wrestle against Russo.

Interview - Jack and Jerry Brisco prepare to wrestle in a tag match. Referee Sonny Fargo interrupts to let the Briscos know that Tony Russo's partner did not show up and that one of them could wrestle Russo in a singles match. Jerry says that he has not been in the area for awhile, so he will wrestle Russo. Jack remains to do color commentary with Bob.

[ ] Jerry Brisco defeats Tony Russo by submission with a figure four leglock.
Jack is doing color commentary. During the match, David Crockett comes out and tells Jack that he has a phone call, and Jack leaves the podium. After Russo submits to the figure four, Roddy Piper runs in, climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and jumps off on Russo and Brisco while they are still in the figure four position, injuring both men. Paul Jones, Jake Roberts, and Ron Ritchie make the save. Jack then re-enters the studio to check on Jerry. Clearly, the phone call was a ruse to get Jack Brisco to leave the studio.

Piper leaps on Brisco and Russo

[ ] Carl "Pretty Boy" Fergi defeated Mike Davis after a back breaker.  Commentary by Wahoo McDaniel.
Wahoo says Jerry Brisco's knee is "tore up bad" and if Jack needs a partner, he's available. Bob and Wahoo discuss the whole situation about Piper injuring Jerry's knee. Wahoo played pro-football for years and saw many knee injuries, and they never came back.

Incessant talk of the NWA trial ruling where matches must end in a pinfall or submission. No DQ.

Local Promo segment (Live in studio) - Interview with Gary Moore and Steve Seibert
Hilarious moment when Seibert complains about Wahoo using illegal chops and asks Bob "Didn't you see it?" And Bob says that the chops looked legal to him. Seibert replies "You're just as blind as that Sonny Fargo."

Steve Seibert tells Bob Caudle "You're just as blind as Sonny Fargo!"

[ ] Killer Khan defeats Ken Timbs by pinfall after a flying knee drop.

Halftime Interview - Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco. Discussion of the "World Series" with Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen.

Interview - Paul Jones. Paul discusses Piper injuring Jerry Brisco and "that other guy." Jones offers to team with Jack Brisco in place of Jerry.

[ ] King Parsons defeats Jim Dalton by pinfall after a series of dropkicks.
Color commentary by Paul Jones. Jones says he has seen Parsons on the west coast, and he is a great wrestler.

Local Promo segment (Live in studio) - Interview with Mike Davis and Mike Rotundo. Mike Davis shows major interview potential.

[ ] Sgt. Slaughter (U.S. Champ) defeated Mike Rotundo after a sucker punch with referee Sonny Fargo trying to back Rotundo out of the corner.

Paul Jones argues with Ole Anderson

Final interview - Ole Anderson, confronted by Paul Jones and they argue over what Piper did to Jerry Brisco as the show ends.

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First Look: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling 6.23.82

While we continue to catch up with reports on shows that have aired while we were on hiatus, another show has aired on WWE Classics on Demand and we offer a summary from Gateway contributor Brian Rogers.

The Rogers Report
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling 6.23.82

This episode opens with Bob Caudle welcoming us to an outstanding week of wrestling. Jack Brisco and a recently returned from Japan Ricky Steamboat join Bob for comments. Brisco says Rick has his back in his reoccuring problems with Piper and Muraco. We see film of Jerry Brisco in action and Piper jumping on Jerry as he had the figure four applied on his opponent and then we see Piper and Muraco attack Jack during one of his matches. Steamboat says words of these attacks reached him in Japan on his recent tour. Ricky says he has Jack's back anytime he needs him.

This weeks first match features tag-team action featuring Brisco and Steamboat,who look great in a well earned victory.

Back from break and our next match is Roddy Piper vs Jake Roberts. Steamboat joins Bob on commentary for the action. A physical and intense matchup with Piper busting open the already bandaged foreheard of Jake Roberts. Roberts with a nice flurry of comeback moves until Sgt Slaughter appears at ringside and trips Roberts. Steamboat hits the ring to keep Slaughter and Piper at bay. Referee Sonny Fargo gives the victory to Roberts via DQ.

The Privates, Nelson and Kernodle, join Bob at the podium and announce they are the new Mid-Atlantic tag team champions. They state they will sign a contract to face Steamboat and Brisco anytime and that the belts will stay around their waste a long time.

Jimmy Valiant is next up in singles action and gets a win with the elbow smash.

Back at the podium, Sgt Slaughter and his "recruits", the privates join Bob. Slaughter tells the privates to listen to him and they will keep the belts a long time and he dismisses them. Piper then joins Sarge along with the Ninja. Sarge has some comments on sticking together and then Roddy is vintage with his comments toward Brisco and Steamboat.

Next in the ring,we have six-man action with Sarge and the Privates taking on Mike Rotondo, Kelly Kiniski, and Mike Davis. Very good match with Slaughter getting the pin on Davis with the clothesline. Kiniski and Rotondo join Bob for comments on the match and the Steamboat situation.

Back from break and we have tag action with Wahoo McDaniel and Jay Youngblood teaming up in a very physical and dominant victory.

At the podium Paul Jones joins Bob and has some comments for Angelo Mosca. He tells him he will meet him anywhere, anytime. Jack Brisco joins them with the Mid-Atlantic belt in hand and he has some comments directed at Roddy Piper regarding the belt. He states there is no way he is giving it up after all the pain and suffering he has been through.

Bob tells us "So long for now".

This report was provided to the Mid-Atlantic Gateway by Brian Rogers.

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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Taped 5.12.1982

Taped Wed. May 12, 1982 • Originally Aired Sat. May 15, 1982
WPCQ TV Studios, Charlotte NC
New Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Jack Brisco
New version of the U.S. championship belt debuts

Summary of the live studio matches:
[ ] Ron Richie vs. Jim Dalton
[ ] Killer Kahn vs. Vinnie Valentino
[ ] King Parsons vs. Tony Russo
[ ] Angelo Mosca vs. Kelly Kiniski Color commentary by Paul Jones
[•] Johnny Weaver and Jake Roberts vs. Pvt. Nelson and Pvt. Kernodle

David Crockett announces that the Eastern Division winners are Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen and they will meet Western Division winners Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco in a best-of-seven series in seven different cities for the World Tag Team championship. The cities will be announced shortly.

Sandy Scott presents Jack Brisco the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title belt. Jack won the title from Roddy Piper on Monday 5.10.82.

Piper interrupts the proceedings and is completely out of control, angry over having lost the title. Brisco, returning the favor of a couple weeks back when Piper brought out a mini-teepee for Jack, brought Piper a big lollipop – “This is for you, sucker.”

Tim Horner, who Bob Caudle pointed out had seen the match in Greenville, told Piper if anyone deserved to get his can kicked, it was him. Piper went nuts and attacked Horner, who fought back but was then double teamed by Piper and Ivan Koloff. David Crockett went in to break it up and took a nasty shot from Piper as well.

Interview – Jack Brisco and Don Muraco. Sandy Scott announces that the NWA is conducting an experimental program and it will be in the Mid-Atlantic area. All matches must end in a pinfall or submission. There will be no disqualifications in matches. Very odd.

[ ] Ron Richie pinned Jim Dalton after executing a perfect power slam.

Interview – U.S. Champion Sgt. Slaughter (with the new U.S. title belt.)

[ ] Killer Kahn pinned Vinnie Valentino after applying a double-thrust and a flying knee drop.

Local Promo Segment (Live in Studio) – Kelly Kiniski and Mike Davis

[ ] King Parsons (debut) pinned Tony Russo after a head-butt.

Halftime Interview – Angelo Mosca, Roddy Piper (still nuts!), Ole Anderson,

[ ] Angelo Mosca pinned Kelly Kiniski after his powerhouse CFL elbow.
Color commentary by Paul Jones

Local Promo Segment (Live in Studio) - Steve Seibert and Jim Dalton

[•] Johnny Weaver and Jake Roberts drew Pvt. Nelson and Pvt. Kernodle – time expired in the program. Color commentary by Paul Jones

David Crockett announces due to the new NWA trial 30-day rule, there must be a winner, and so the match will continue next week.

Final Interview – Johnny Weaver and Jake Roberts and Paul Jones

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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 5.05.82 (Missing)

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Taped Wed. May 5, 1982 • Originally Aired Sat. May 8, 1982
WPCQ TV Studios, Charlotte NC

This show did not air on WWE Classics on Demand!

As with several other shows in the current sequence, this program did not air on WWE Classics on Demand. Speculation is that some of the original master tapes in the Crockett Promotions library were damaged or missing. There is always the chance that WWE decided not to air this show for some reason, but that seems highly unlikely.

It is really too bad this show didn’t air. Bob Caudle promised on the previous week’s show (4.28.82) that we would see video from Georgia Championship Wrestling of the incident where Roddy Piper whipped Tommy Rich with his belt. It's rare enough that we see any footage from Georgia on the channel. This would have been a great opportunity.

Also on 4.28, Piper agreed to meet Jack Brisco in a Mid-Atlantic title match on this show. I don’t know if that match actually took place or not. The two would later meet on a classic late June or early July program. That show should air in the next month or so. The complete match was part of a Roddy Piper DVD set released by the WWE, so I feel confident they have that entire show. There is some classic interplay between Piper, Wahoo, referee Stu Schwartz, and Bob Caudle leading up to the match, and the match itself is a classic.

MACW 5.12.82 is next!

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Champions at the end of April 1982

As of the final TV taping in April (4.28.82), here were the champions as recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance and Jim Crockett Promotions:

NWA World Champion: Ric Flair
NWA World Tag Champions: Vacant – Pending Ongoing Tournament
United States Champion: Sgt. Slaughter
Mid-Atlantic Champion: Roddy Piper
Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions: Pvt. Nelson and Pvt. Kernodle
NWA TV Champion: Ivan Koloff

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 04/28/82

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Taped Wed. April 28, 1982 • Originally Aired Sat. May 1, 1982
WPCQ TV Studios, Charlotte NC
Referee Sonny Fargo

Summary of live studio matches:
[ ] Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco vs. Carl Fergi and Bill White
[•] Terry Taylor vs. Don Kernodle
[ ] Roddy Piper vs. Keith Larson (intense match!)
[ ] Angelo Mosca & Killer Kahn vs. Ron Ritchie and Tony Anthony


Host Bob Caudle and NWA official Sandy Scott discuss the Western Regional finalists Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco and review the four eastern region finalists who will compete in Charlotte:

Ole Anderson & Stan Hanson
Jack & Jerry Brisco
Angelo Mosca & Killer Kahn
The Samoans

Interview – Jack Brisco. Brisco talks about Roddy Piper whipping Tommy Rich with a belt on an episode of Georgia Championship Wrestling and says Rich will get his revenge soon.

Confrontation with Roddy Piper, who brings Brisco a mini-teepee he bought in the airport in Pittsburgh. Piper says he wears a kilt and is proud of his Scottish heritage, but Brisco doesn't appear to be proud of his American Indian heritage becasue he doesn't wear feathers and isn't a chief. "I know you're not good enough to be a chief, don't get me wrong now..."

Brisco complains that Piper won't give him a Mid-Atlantic title shot. Piper promises Brisco a Mid-Atlantic title match next week.

Also, Bob Caudle says that next week they will show the tape from Georgia Championship Wrestling where Piper whips Tommy Rich with a belt, and will also have a taped message from Tommy Rich.

[ ] Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco defeat Carl Fergi and Bill White when Muraco pins Fergi following an inverted piledriver.

Interview – Don Muraco and Wahoo McDaniel (Muraco says there are alot of guys snickering in the back about his past reputation. Says he's never turned his back on a friend.)

TAPE: Wahoo McDaniel pins U.S. champ Sgt. Slaughter in a non-title match on the World Wide Wrestling taping earlier that same evening. Pvt. Jim Nelson tries to interfere but Don Muraco has Wahoo's back. (Commentary by David Crockett, Johnny Weaver, and Sandy Scott)

Local Promo Segment (Live in Studio) – Ron Ritchie and Keith Larson

Interview – Terry Taylor. Taylor discusses his bitter feud with Don Kernodle.

[•] Terry Taylor vs. Don Kernodle DDQ. Both men are disqualified for fighting outside the ring and shoving referee Sonny Fargo. Excellent match!

Halftime Interview – Sgt. Slaughter, Ole Anderson, Angelo Mosca, Killer Kahn, and Roddy Piper. Slaughter says Muraco will pay for his interference and causing him to lose to Wahoo. Ole and Mosca argue over who will win the World Tag Team tournament. Piper talks about whipping Tommy Rich.

[ ] Roddy Piper defeats Keith Larson with a sleeper hold. (Excellent intense match!)

Local Promo Segment (live in studio) – Carl Fergi, Jim Dalton, and Bill White
> Fergi mentions his right hand haymaker from Memphis TV. Fergi is hilarious talking about Wahoo. Jim Dalton talks about climbing the ladder. Wish these two had been given more TV interview time. Very good!

Interview – Jack Brisco. Jack discusses Charlotte being the location of the eastern regional finals. They show tapes from previous MACW shows of some of the competing teams in the eastern finals.

TAPE – Jack & Jerry Brisco vs. Mike Miller and Steve Sibert
TAPE – Ole Anderson & Stan Hanson (with Gene Anderson) vs. Tony Anthony and Ron Ritchie

[ ] Angelo Mosca & Killer Kahn defeat Ron Ritchie and Tony Anthony after Mosca pins Anthony after a big standing elbow smash (following several Khan flying knee drops.)

Final Interview – Jack Brisco, Don Muraco, and Wahoo McDaniel

Back off of 6-month Hiatus

We're back after a six-month hiatus working on other projects, and as always, the Mid-Atlantic Gateway. I plan to catch-up the MACW shows that have aired since out last update which was the 4/21/82 show that aired on WWE Classics on Demand back in September. They are currently in mid-June of 1982, so I have about two months worth of shows to get updated.

The next show up on the On Demand channel is scheduled to be the 6/21/82 episode, described on the Comcast website as you see below. Looks like a good one! The next show we'll update here is the 4/28/82 episode. We'll get caught up quickly after that.

Stay tuned as the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on Demand blog is back on the air!