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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 06.09.82

Taped Wed. June 9, 1982 • Originally Aired Sat. June 12, 1982
WPCQ TV Studios, Charlotte NC
Jack Brisco vs. Don Muraco
Referee - Sonny Fargo
YouTube video fo this show is included at the bottom of this post.

Referee Sonny Fargo

  • Sgt. Slaughter (US) vs. Steve Seibert
  • Jack Brisco vs. Magnificent Muraco
  • King Parsons and Porkchop Cash vs. Carl Fergie/The Monk
  • Paul Jones vs. Ken Timbs
  • Angelo Mosca/Ivan Koloff/Ninja vs. Kelly Kiniski/Mike Rotundo/Mike Davis

Welcome by Bob Caudle
Interview with Don Muraco, confronted by Jack Brisco who slaps Muraco and makes a challenge for a match, which Muraco accepts. 

Interview - New US Champion Sgt. Slaughter
Wahoo McDaniel was injured and in the hospital and when he failed to show for a title defense against Slaughter, the title was given to Slaughter by the NWA due to the 30 day trial rule where there must always be a winner.
[ ] Sgt. Slaughter (US) defeats Steve Seibert with the cobra clutch. Wahoo will be out of the hospital "tomorrow". Discussion of how Slaughter came by the US title.

[●] Jack Brisco (MA) defeats Don Muraco by DQ following interference by Roddy Piper. Color commentary by Roddy Piper, who is very cold and subdued. Bob Caudle makes a point of noticing this. beautiful armdrags by Brisco, a signature move for Brisco throughout his career. Muraco puts Brisco in the figure four, and Brisco reverses it (using the reversal first devised by Don Muraco years ago in Florida. Piper tries to hit Brisco with a chair, but barely misses, then he and Muraco brutally double team him. Paul Jones and Jimmy Valiant eventually make the save.

Roddy Piper attempts to hit Jack Brisco with a steel chair.

Local Promo Spot (Live in Studio) - Mid-Atlantic tag team champions King Parsons and Porkchop Cash with the beautiful Mid-Atlantic tag titles.

[ ] King Parsons and Porkchop Cash (MATT) defeat Carl Fergie and The Monk when Parson pinned Fergie with a small package following a series of dropkicks.

Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions King Parsons & Porkchop Cash

HALFTIME INTERVIEW - Paul Jones, Jack Brisco (issues challenge to Roddy Piper)

[ ] Paul Jones defeats Ken Timbs in classic style with a series of football tackles and then Timbs submits to the Indian death lock.

Paul Jones makes Ken Timbs submit with the Indian Death Lock.

Local Promo Spot (Live in Studio) - Kelly Kiniski, Mike Rotundo

[ ] Angelo Mosca/Ivan Koloff/Ninja defeat Kelly Kiniski/Mike Rotundo/Mike Davis when Mosca pins Mike Davis after the famous forearm elbow smash.

FINAL INTERVIEW - Roddy Piper and Magnificent Muraco; Angelo Mosca and the Ninja; Ivan Koloff

  • NWA World Champion: Ric Flair
  • World Tag Team Champs: Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen**
  • U.S. Champion*: Sgt. Slaughter
  • Mid-Atlantic Champ: Jack Brisco
  • Mid-Atlantic Tag Champs: Porkchop Cash and King Parsons
  • TV Champion: Ivan Koloff
* New champion this week
** Not currently in the area. (In Georgia)


  • Bob Caudle announces that Jake Roberts has recovered from his eye injuries at the hands of the Ninja and will be returning to action soon.
  • Greg "The Hammer" Valentine will be retiring to the Mid-Atlantic area soon. Valentine is finishing up a hugely successful tour of the northeast where he was a top contender for Bob Backlund's WWWF championship.
  • Mike Rotundo says he's glad to be in the "Mid-Atlantic conference."
  • Muraco says he got a $5000 bonus for getting rid of a "fat slob" in Atlanta, referring to his Omni main event against Dusty Rhodes.

Part 1

Part 2

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