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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Taped 5.12.1982

Taped Wed. May 12, 1982 • Originally Aired Sat. May 15, 1982
WPCQ TV Studios, Charlotte NC
New Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Jack Brisco
New version of the U.S. championship belt debuts

Summary of the live studio matches:
[ ] Ron Richie vs. Jim Dalton
[ ] Killer Kahn vs. Vinnie Valentino
[ ] King Parsons vs. Tony Russo
[ ] Angelo Mosca vs. Kelly Kiniski Color commentary by Paul Jones
[•] Johnny Weaver and Jake Roberts vs. Pvt. Nelson and Pvt. Kernodle

David Crockett announces that the Eastern Division winners are Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen and they will meet Western Division winners Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco in a best-of-seven series in seven different cities for the World Tag Team championship. The cities will be announced shortly.

Sandy Scott presents Jack Brisco the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title belt. Jack won the title from Roddy Piper on Monday 5.10.82.

Piper interrupts the proceedings and is completely out of control, angry over having lost the title. Brisco, returning the favor of a couple weeks back when Piper brought out a mini-teepee for Jack, brought Piper a big lollipop – “This is for you, sucker.”

Tim Horner, who Bob Caudle pointed out had seen the match in Greenville, told Piper if anyone deserved to get his can kicked, it was him. Piper went nuts and attacked Horner, who fought back but was then double teamed by Piper and Ivan Koloff. David Crockett went in to break it up and took a nasty shot from Piper as well.

Interview – Jack Brisco and Don Muraco. Sandy Scott announces that the NWA is conducting an experimental program and it will be in the Mid-Atlantic area. All matches must end in a pinfall or submission. There will be no disqualifications in matches. Very odd.

[ ] Ron Richie pinned Jim Dalton after executing a perfect power slam.

Interview – U.S. Champion Sgt. Slaughter (with the new U.S. title belt.)

[ ] Killer Kahn pinned Vinnie Valentino after applying a double-thrust and a flying knee drop.

Local Promo Segment (Live in Studio) – Kelly Kiniski and Mike Davis

[ ] King Parsons (debut) pinned Tony Russo after a head-butt.

Halftime Interview – Angelo Mosca, Roddy Piper (still nuts!), Ole Anderson,

[ ] Angelo Mosca pinned Kelly Kiniski after his powerhouse CFL elbow.
Color commentary by Paul Jones

Local Promo Segment (Live in Studio) - Steve Seibert and Jim Dalton

[•] Johnny Weaver and Jake Roberts drew Pvt. Nelson and Pvt. Kernodle – time expired in the program. Color commentary by Paul Jones

David Crockett announces due to the new NWA trial 30-day rule, there must be a winner, and so the match will continue next week.

Final Interview – Johnny Weaver and Jake Roberts and Paul Jones

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