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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 05.26.82

Taped Wed. May 26, 1982 • Originally Aired Sat. May 29, 1982
WPCQ TV Studios, Charlotte NC
Don Muraco turns on Wahoo McDaniel <>
Referee - Bill Alfonzo

Summary of the live studio matches:
[ ] Wahoo McDaniel/Don Muraco vs. Juan Renosa/Bill White
[ ] Terry Gibbs vs. Ken Timbs
[ ] Johnny Weaver/Mike Davis vs. Pvts. Nelson and Kernodle
[ ] Ivan Koloff/Ninja vs. The Samoans


New U.S. Champion Wahoo McDaniel
Host Bob Caudle introduces the new U.S. Champion Chief Wahoo McDaniel, who admits that winning the U.S. title has complicated his bid for the world tag titles with partner Don Muraco. Don comes out and says he is very frustrated with Wahoo's commitments for his new U.S. title becasue he moved his family here from the west coast with one thing on his mind only - to win the NWA world tag team titles. He then walks off. Wahoo says he hopes he can smooth things out because he and Muraco have become good friends.

Muraco expresses his dipleasure over Wahoo's US title win.

[ ] Wahoo McDaniel (U.S.)/Don Muraco defeat Juan Renosa/Bill White

This is the match where Muraco turns on Wahoo. During the match Sgt. Slaughter comes out to ringside trying to distract Wahoo. Wahoo goes for the pin following a big chop on Bill White, but Sarge pulls White under the ropes breaking the count. White gains advantage on Wahoo who finally makes a needed tag to Muraco. As Wahoo climbs through the ropes to the outside apron, Sarge takes off his belt and hits Wahoo with it. Wahoo goes after Sarge and chases him out of the studio. Shortly thereafter, Muraco goes to the corner to make a tag, but Wahoo isn't there. White and Renosa continue to work over Muraco who is at this point desperately fighting both men. Wahoo returns to the ring, and Muraco finally angily makes the tag, and then walks out of the studio himself leaving Wahoo to White and Renosa, who brutalize Wahoo for several minutes. Finally Wahoo lands the big chop on White coming off of the ropes and gets the pin, but is very angry and suprised that Muraco left him.

Interview - Wahoo McDaniel
FILM - Greensboro - Wahoo defeats Sgt. Slaughter for the U.S. title.

Referee Stu Shwartz stands over a victorius Wahoo McDaniel
after he won the U.S. title from Sgt. Slaughter.

[ ] Terry Gibbs defeats Ken Timbs by pinfall after rolling Timbs to his shoulders from a standing abdominal stretch.

Local Promo Spot (Live in Studio) - Mid-Atlantic tag champs Nelson and Kernodle, plus Juan Renosa

Mid-Atlantic Tag Champs Pvts. Nelson and Kernodle

Interview - Johnny Weaver lets everyone know that Jake Roberts has been injured and will not be able to face the Privates on the program tonight. Weaver will select another partner, Mike Davis.
FILM - Greensboro - Roberts/Valiant vs. Koloff/Ninja - Ninja injures Jake Roberts (this is likely when Roberts left the Mid-Atlantic territory)  Interview - Jimmy Valiant

[ ] Johnny Weaver/Mike Davis (replaces Roberts) vs. Pvts. Nelson and Kernodle (MATT)
-- match stopped for commercial break, per David Crockett. Match will continue after halftime interviews.

Halftime Interviews - Angelo Mosca, Ivan Koloff, Ninja, Sgt. Slaughter

[ ] Johnny Weaver/Mike Davis (replaces Roberts) vs. Pvts. Nelson and Kernodle - part 2!
--the Privates win when Nelson pins Davis. Privates attack Davis after the match, throwing Weaver to the floor. Save by Ron Ritchie, and then Weaver cleans house.

Bob Caudle and "Superman" Roddy Piper

Interview - Roddy Piper (Superman/Big Rod t-shirt). Defends what he did "I'm just the cream on your mashed potatoes, brother!" Says Briscos had been running there mouths, Jerry had it coming. "Ever since you were this little, Brisco, you concentrated on becoming a good wrestler. Well, Mr. Brisco, perhaps you should have concentrated on growing up to me a man."
VCR - Piper injures Jerry Brisco and Tony Russo from last week.

Local Promo Spot B (Live in Studio) - Ron Richie, Terry Gibbs ( talks about his "Wrestlers Do It on the Mat" t-shirt) 

[ ] Ivan Koloff/Ninja vs. The Samoans
 --has to tell Somoans which corner to go to!

Final Interviews - Jack Brisco (with Mid-Atlantic title belt) and Paul Jones

* * * * * * *
Old Records Format:
MCW 5-26-82                                                                  
Comment - New U.S. Champ Wahoo McDaniel, Don muraco
• McDaniel/Muraco (Muraco turns)
Interview - Wahoo McDaniel
FILM - Greensboro - Wahoo wins US title
• Terry Gibbs
Local Promos - Nelson and Kernodle, Juan Renosa
Interview - Johhny Weaver and Jimmy Valiant
FILM - Greensboro - Ninja injures Roberts
• Pvts. Nelson and Kernodle vs. Weaver/Davis
Halftime - Mosca, Koloff, Ninja, Slaughter
Local Promos - Richie and Gibbs
• Koloff/Ninja vs. Samoans
Final - Jack Brisco, Paul Jones

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