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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 05.19.82

Taped Wed. May 19, 1982 • Orig. Aired Sat. May 22, 1982
WPCQ TV Studios, Charlotte NC
Roddy Piper injures Jerry Brisco
Referee - Sonny Fargo

Summary of the live studio matches:
[ ] Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco vs. Gary Moore and Steve Seibert
[ ] Jerry Brisco vs. Tony Russo
[ ] Mike Davis vs. Carl "Pretty Boy" Fergi
[ ] Killer Khan vs. Ken Timbs
[ ] King Parsons vs. Jim Dalton
[ ] Sgt. Slaughter (U.S.) vs. Mike Rotundo

Bob Caudle and Jake Roberts open the show talking about the tournament for the NWA World Tag Team tournament and Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen being the Eastern Division winners. It will be a "World Series" best of seven for the finals of the tournament A site for the finals has not been selected. Sandy Scott will announce the first four cities in the Best of Seven.

Jake says the match that should have continued this week between he and partner Johnny Weaver vs. The Privates will not take place because Weaver and the Privates are all out of the country. (Really?)

[ ] Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco defeat Gary Moore and Steve Seibert when Wahoo pins Seibert following a chop.
Commentary by Roddy Piper. Piper claims Wahoo, Muraco, and Piper are afraid to get in the ring with him.

Sonny Fargo tells the Briscos only one can wrestle against Russo.

Interview - Jack and Jerry Brisco prepare to wrestle in a tag match. Referee Sonny Fargo interrupts to let the Briscos know that Tony Russo's partner did not show up and that one of them could wrestle Russo in a singles match. Jerry says that he has not been in the area for awhile, so he will wrestle Russo. Jack remains to do color commentary with Bob.

[ ] Jerry Brisco defeats Tony Russo by submission with a figure four leglock.
Jack is doing color commentary. During the match, David Crockett comes out and tells Jack that he has a phone call, and Jack leaves the podium. After Russo submits to the figure four, Roddy Piper runs in, climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and jumps off on Russo and Brisco while they are still in the figure four position, injuring both men. Paul Jones, Jake Roberts, and Ron Ritchie make the save. Jack then re-enters the studio to check on Jerry. Clearly, the phone call was a ruse to get Jack Brisco to leave the studio.

Piper leaps on Brisco and Russo

[ ] Carl "Pretty Boy" Fergi defeated Mike Davis after a back breaker.  Commentary by Wahoo McDaniel.
Wahoo says Jerry Brisco's knee is "tore up bad" and if Jack needs a partner, he's available. Bob and Wahoo discuss the whole situation about Piper injuring Jerry's knee. Wahoo played pro-football for years and saw many knee injuries, and they never came back.

Incessant talk of the NWA trial ruling where matches must end in a pinfall or submission. No DQ.

Local Promo segment (Live in studio) - Interview with Gary Moore and Steve Seibert
Hilarious moment when Seibert complains about Wahoo using illegal chops and asks Bob "Didn't you see it?" And Bob says that the chops looked legal to him. Seibert replies "You're just as blind as that Sonny Fargo."

Steve Seibert tells Bob Caudle "You're just as blind as Sonny Fargo!"

[ ] Killer Khan defeats Ken Timbs by pinfall after a flying knee drop.

Halftime Interview - Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco. Discussion of the "World Series" with Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen.

Interview - Paul Jones. Paul discusses Piper injuring Jerry Brisco and "that other guy." Jones offers to team with Jack Brisco in place of Jerry.

[ ] King Parsons defeats Jim Dalton by pinfall after a series of dropkicks.
Color commentary by Paul Jones. Jones says he has seen Parsons on the west coast, and he is a great wrestler.

Local Promo segment (Live in studio) - Interview with Mike Davis and Mike Rotundo. Mike Davis shows major interview potential.

[ ] Sgt. Slaughter (U.S. Champ) defeated Mike Rotundo after a sucker punch with referee Sonny Fargo trying to back Rotundo out of the corner.

Paul Jones argues with Ole Anderson

Final interview - Ole Anderson, confronted by Paul Jones and they argue over what Piper did to Jerry Brisco as the show ends.

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