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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 04/28/82

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Taped Wed. April 28, 1982 • Originally Aired Sat. May 1, 1982
WPCQ TV Studios, Charlotte NC
Referee Sonny Fargo

Summary of live studio matches:
[ ] Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco vs. Carl Fergi and Bill White
[•] Terry Taylor vs. Don Kernodle
[ ] Roddy Piper vs. Keith Larson (intense match!)
[ ] Angelo Mosca & Killer Kahn vs. Ron Ritchie and Tony Anthony


Host Bob Caudle and NWA official Sandy Scott discuss the Western Regional finalists Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco and review the four eastern region finalists who will compete in Charlotte:

Ole Anderson & Stan Hanson
Jack & Jerry Brisco
Angelo Mosca & Killer Kahn
The Samoans

Interview – Jack Brisco. Brisco talks about Roddy Piper whipping Tommy Rich with a belt on an episode of Georgia Championship Wrestling and says Rich will get his revenge soon.

Confrontation with Roddy Piper, who brings Brisco a mini-teepee he bought in the airport in Pittsburgh. Piper says he wears a kilt and is proud of his Scottish heritage, but Brisco doesn't appear to be proud of his American Indian heritage becasue he doesn't wear feathers and isn't a chief. "I know you're not good enough to be a chief, don't get me wrong now..."

Brisco complains that Piper won't give him a Mid-Atlantic title shot. Piper promises Brisco a Mid-Atlantic title match next week.

Also, Bob Caudle says that next week they will show the tape from Georgia Championship Wrestling where Piper whips Tommy Rich with a belt, and will also have a taped message from Tommy Rich.

[ ] Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco defeat Carl Fergi and Bill White when Muraco pins Fergi following an inverted piledriver.

Interview – Don Muraco and Wahoo McDaniel (Muraco says there are alot of guys snickering in the back about his past reputation. Says he's never turned his back on a friend.)

TAPE: Wahoo McDaniel pins U.S. champ Sgt. Slaughter in a non-title match on the World Wide Wrestling taping earlier that same evening. Pvt. Jim Nelson tries to interfere but Don Muraco has Wahoo's back. (Commentary by David Crockett, Johnny Weaver, and Sandy Scott)

Local Promo Segment (Live in Studio) – Ron Ritchie and Keith Larson

Interview – Terry Taylor. Taylor discusses his bitter feud with Don Kernodle.

[•] Terry Taylor vs. Don Kernodle DDQ. Both men are disqualified for fighting outside the ring and shoving referee Sonny Fargo. Excellent match!

Halftime Interview – Sgt. Slaughter, Ole Anderson, Angelo Mosca, Killer Kahn, and Roddy Piper. Slaughter says Muraco will pay for his interference and causing him to lose to Wahoo. Ole and Mosca argue over who will win the World Tag Team tournament. Piper talks about whipping Tommy Rich.

[ ] Roddy Piper defeats Keith Larson with a sleeper hold. (Excellent intense match!)

Local Promo Segment (live in studio) – Carl Fergi, Jim Dalton, and Bill White
> Fergi mentions his right hand haymaker from Memphis TV. Fergi is hilarious talking about Wahoo. Jim Dalton talks about climbing the ladder. Wish these two had been given more TV interview time. Very good!

Interview – Jack Brisco. Jack discusses Charlotte being the location of the eastern regional finals. They show tapes from previous MACW shows of some of the competing teams in the eastern finals.

TAPE – Jack & Jerry Brisco vs. Mike Miller and Steve Sibert
TAPE – Ole Anderson & Stan Hanson (with Gene Anderson) vs. Tony Anthony and Ron Ritchie

[ ] Angelo Mosca & Killer Kahn defeat Ron Ritchie and Tony Anthony after Mosca pins Anthony after a big standing elbow smash (following several Khan flying knee drops.)

Final Interview – Jack Brisco, Don Muraco, and Wahoo McDaniel

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