Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 04/21/82

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Taped April 21, 1982
WPCQ TV Studios, Charlotte NC • Referee Stu Schwartz

Bob Caudle and Sandy Scott discuss the Western Regional finalists Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco. Also, Charlotte NC is announced as the site for the Eastern Regional finals.

Interview - Wahoo McDaniel and Don Muraco

[ ] Terry Taylor/Tim Horner vs. Pvts. Jim Nelson and Don Kernodle (Taylor and Horner win on DQ) commentary by Roddy Piper

[ ] Paul Jones vs. Jim Dalton (Jones wins with the Indian Deathlock)
Local Promo slot (Live in Studio) - David Patterson and Ken Timbs

Interview - Jack Brisco and Tommy Rich review a taped match between Tommy "Wildfire" Rich and Ali Bey at the Charlotte Park Center. (Rich wins with the abdominal stretch.)

Halftime Interviews - Roddy Piper, Sgt. Slaughter, Angelo Mosca, Ole Anderson

[ ] U.S. Champ Sgt. Slaughter vs. Tony Anthony. (Sarge wins with the Cobra Clutch)
commentary by Jack Brisco
Local Promo slot (Live in Studio) - Terry Taylor and Tim Horner

[ ] Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco vs. David Patterson/Ken Timbs
commentary by Jack Brisco

Final Interviews - Paul Jones, Jake Roberts, Wahoo McDaniel & Don Muraco

• I always thought Muraco clearly telegraphed his turn (which would come a few weeks later) when he said in his first interview in the territory that he would never turn his back on a friend.
• Jack Brisco points out that he and Jerry are happy that the Eastern finals are to be held in Charlotte becasue they won the qualifying tournament in Charlotte.
• Piper is excellent on color commentary.
• Mosca mentions that he and Kiler Kahn won the tournament in Montreal Quebec. Ole mentions that he and Stan Hanson has won two tournaments, one in Greensboro and the other in Atlanta.
• Jeez, Sarge wrestled super stiff in his match with Tony Anthony. Huge Johnny Valentine-like forarm smashes across the chest of Anthony and a brutal clothesline.
• Terry Taylor wears a very cool looking "Georgia Championship Wrestling" t-shirt in his interview.
• And speaking of t-shirts, Muraco has a funny one on that says "Patience, my ass. I'm gonna kill somebody."

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 4/14/82

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
April 14, 1982

Interview - Jack Brisco confronted by Roddy Piper. The feud of 1982 begins!
1. Jack Brisco vs. Ken Dalton
Interview - Jake Robberts w/Koloff & Valient Brawl taped earlier
2. Keith Larson vs. Tony Russo
Local Promo w/Mid-Atlantic Tag Champs Pvt Kernodle & Pvt Nelson
3. King Kong Mosca vs. Vinnie Valentino
Halftime interview - Int Ivan Koloff, Sgt. Slaughter & Kingt Kong Mosca
Int Paul Jones
CLIP - Wahoo McDaniel vs. Ali Bey
CLIP - Sgt. Slaughter and his Marine Recruits jump Steamboat & Flair
4. Steve Sybert vs. Mike George
Local Promo w/Kelly Kinisk
5. Jim Nelson & Don Kernodle vs. Terry Taylor & Tony Anthony (w/Robberts, Valient & Brisco

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 4/7/82

Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Taped April 7, 1982 • First Aired April 10, 1982

WPCQ Studios, Charlotte NC

Interview - Sandy Scott

VCR - Gordon Solie with Eddie Graham from Florida on the NWA world tag team tournament.

Interview - Ivan Koloff

1. Jimmy Valiant vs. Ben Alexander
2. Keith Larson vs. Carl Fergie (Ninja blows mist in Valiant's eyes, mgd. by Gene Anderson)

Interview - Sgt. Slaughter
3. Jack Brisco vs. Bill White

Local Promo w/Jim Nelson (see below)

Interview - Gene and Ole Anderson
4. Ivan Koloff vs. Tony Anthony

Interview - Blackjack Mulligan Jr., Jack Brisco, Jimmy Valiant

Brawl w/ Ivan Koloff, Ole Anderson, The Ninja & Jimmy Valiant

Interview - Ray Stevens & Johnny Weaver
5. Tim Horner vs. Rusty Roberts

Local Promo w/Mike Rotundo
6. Terry Taylor & Kelly Kiniski vs. Jim Nelson & Don Kernodle (wild brawl with Kernodle and Taylor)

Interview - Sandy Scott, Jake Roberts & Ray Stevens

Interview - David Crockett, Gene Anderson, Ninja & Ivan Koloff

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 3/31/82

Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling

March 31, 1982

Interview - Sandy Scott and Sgt. Slaughter

Interview - Jack Brisco

1. Jack & Jerry Brisco vs. Steve Sybert & Mike Miller

Interview - Jack & Jerry Brisco

2. Tony Russo vs. Tim Horner

3. Jake Robberts vs. Bill White

Interview - Jake Roberts, Blackjack Mulligan Jr

4. Terry Taylor vs. Rick Benfield

Local Promo w/Mike Rotunda

5. Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen vs. Tony Anthony & Ron Ritchie

Interview - Gene and Ole Anderson with Stan Hansen confronted by Jack Brisco

Interview - Sgt. Slaughter, Ivan Koloff