Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 3/10/82

The Rogers Report by Brian Rogers
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 3/10/82
Aired most major markets 3/13/82
Aired in the Landsing MI market late April 1982

The show opens with Bob Caudle, Johnny Weaver, and Ray Stevens at the podium telling us what is on tap for this episode of MACW. Jake Roberts joins them and comments on the situation in the area with Ole, Hansen, Piper, and Slaughter. He issues a challenge to Slaughter.

Our opening match is Ivan Koloff against Ron Ritchie. Johnny explains that for the first 10 minutes of the match, Koloff's TV title is on the line. Ritchie puts up a good fight and Ivan is DQ'd after shoving the referee, a young Bill Alfonso.

Next match is Jimmy Valiant vs Bill White. Valiant gets the win,and then he and Koloff brawl in the ring after Ivan interferes.

Next is a promo with Bill Ward for the MACW bumper stickers,and we also get promos for Lansing,MI with Mid-Atlantic champion Roddy Piper discussing his upcoming match with Dusty Rhodes.

Back in the studio our next match is tag-team action Terry Taylor and Tim Horner going up against David Patterson and Carl Fergie. David Crockett and Roddy Piper join Bob for commentary during the match. Fergie and Patterson get the win with a Fergie neckbreaker on Horner.

Back at the podium Steamboat, Youngblood, and Mulligan Jr. join Bob to discuss current happenings in the area. All 3 are happy with Jimmy Valiant's actions earlier in the show. Steamboat wants Slaughter and the US title.

After a break, Jake Roberts joins Bob to discuss the Brisco brothers and then we get to see the Brisco's on tape in tag action against David Patterson and Bill White. The Brisco's get the win with the figure four.

Bill Ward is back for another promo for Lansing, MI. Ray Stevens joins Bill to discuss his upcoming match with Buzz Sawyer.

Back in the studio, Sgt. Slaughter joins Bob for an interview. He let's Jake Roberts know that he is ready to step into the ring with Roberts anytime,anywhere.

Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen are next in tag-team action,with Gene joining them at ringside. Piper joins Bob on commentary. Austin Idol makes an appearance at ringside with his 8mm camera during the match. Ole and Stan get the victory after a vicious lariat clothesline from Hansen.

At the podium, Ole, Gene and Stan join Bob and discuss Valiant, and they are not happy at all with the "Boogie Man". Austin Idol then joins Bob to discuss his 8mm camera and his quest for the world title. Next,Ivan Koloff joins Bob and also discusses Valiant and says he will finish off Valiant "one way or another".

Bob says "so long for now".

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fayetteville's Champions

Regional NWA tag tournaments were being held all in lots of cities during the late winter and early spring of 1982. These were to fill the vacancy in the championships when Ole and Gene Anderson were stripped of the titles.

On the episode of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 3/3/82, Roddy Piper and Bob Caudle mention that Jim Nelson and Don Kernodle won a tournament held in Fayetteville NC. Piper evens refers to Nelson and Kernodle as "Fayetteville's Champions".

That tournament was held two days before that TV taping, on 3/1 at the Cumberland County Memorial Arena. The newspaper ad for that show is seen here.