Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 2/10/82 (Clipping)

WWE 24/7 did not present the show taped 2/10/82. While we don't have detailed notes on that show, we do know the following appeared on the show: Jake Roberts and Jay Youngblood, Ivan Koloff, Blackjack Mulligan Jr., Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen, plus woman wrestler Joyce Grable.

Videos also were shown of Tommy Rich, Killer Kahn (from the WWF), the Brisco brothers (from Florida), and Bob Armstrong (from Georgia).

The show also featured video from the Omni in Atlanta in June 1981 where Dusty Rhodes deeated Hartley Race for the NWA world title, used to promote Dusty's return to the area to challenge Sgt. Slaughter for the U.S. championship in Greensboro on 2/21/82.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Update 1/13/82 - 2/17/82

Here are brief summaries of the most recent Mid-Atlantic Wrestling programs to air on the WWE 24/7 On-Demand channel. We hope to resume our official updates soon.

In this update: 1/13/82 1/20/82 1/27/82 2/3/82 2/17/82

Title: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV
Date: January 13, 1982

1. (Int Roddy Piper) Terry Taylor vs Ben Alexander (Int Taylor)
2. Austin Idol vs Mike Davis (Local Promo w/Private Kernodle, Sgt Slaughter & Jim Nelson) (Int Black Jack Mulligan & Blackjack Mulligan Jr)
3. Black Jack Mulligan Jr & Sr vs Ricky Harris & Jim Nelson (Int The Andersons) (Int Slaughter & Nelson)
4. Jake Robberts vs Bill White (Local Promo w/Porkchop Cash, Jake Robberts & Blackjack Mulligan Jr)
5. Sgt Slaughter (w/Nelson) vs Buddy Landell

Title: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV
Date: January 20, 1982
1. (Int Sandy Scott) Austin Idol vs Vinnie Valentino (Int Jim Crockett Jr)
2. Jay Youngblood & Jake Robberts vs Chris Markov & Ben Alexander (Int Roddy Piper)
3. Pork Chop Cash vs Tony Russo (Local Promo w/Austin Idol/Big John Studd) (Int Ray Stevens & Johnny Weaver)
4. (WWF-Clip) Killer Khan (w/Blassie) vs Julio Mercato
5. (NWA) Stan Hansen vs Luke Williams (Int Ivan Koloff) (Int Sgt Slaughter & Private Nelson) (Int Andersons w/Piper)
6. Terry Taylor vs Steve Sybert7. Sgt. Slaughter & Jim Nelson vs Mike Davis & Don Gilbert (Int Mulligans & Steamboat)

Title: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Date: January 27, 1982
1. (Int Sandy Scott) (Clip Andersons) Black Jack Mulligan & Blackjack Mulligan Jr vs Jeff Sword & Mike Miller (Int Gordon Solie w/Eddie Graham) (Int Ray Stevens) (Int Gordon Solie w/Jack & Jerry Brisco)
2. (CWF) Jack & Jerry Brisco vs John & Rick Davidson (Int Jeff Sword & Doug Vines)
3. Ivan Koloff & Austin Idol vs Keith Larson & Don Gilbert (Int Blackjack Muliigan Jr & Sr) (Int Steamboat & Youngblood)
4. Jim Nelson & Steve Sybert vs Johnny Weaver & Don Kernodle (Int Ray Stevens) (Clip AWA - Ventura & Adonis) (Int Larson & Gilbert)
5. Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood vs Doug Vines & Bill White (Int Slaughter & Nelson) (Int Piper) (Int Koloff) (Int Idol)

Title: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV
Date: February 3, 1982
1. (Int Sandy Scott) Ivan Koloff & Austin Idol vs Don Gilbert & Vinnie Valentino (Int Steamboat)
2. Ric Flair vs Jay Youngblood (Int Ric Flair)
3. (Clip) Tommy Rich vs Tony Russo (Int Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen)
4. Blackjack Mulligan Jr vs Jim Nelson (Int Piper) (Int Slaughter) (Int Idol & Koloff)
5. Jake Robberts vs Buck Brannigan (Int Porkchop Cash/Blackjack Mulligan Jr) (Int Don Gilbert)
6. Roddy Piper & ??? vs Keith Larson & Tony Anthony (Int Piper)

Title: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Date: February 17, 1982

1. (Int Slaughter) Blackjack Mulligan Jr & Jake Robberts vs Buck Branigan & Don Gilbert
2. Sgt Slaughter vs Vinnie Valentino (Int Slaughter) (Clip Dusty Rhodes)
3. Porkchop Cash vs Ken Alexander (Local Promo w/Roddy Piper)
4. Ivan Koloff vs Rick Benifield (Int Ray Stevens) (Int Blackjack Mulligan Jr) (Int Ricky Steamboat) (Int Jake Robberts)
5. Steve Sybert vs Mike George (Int Mike George)
6. Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen vs Tony Anthony & Rick Benfield (Int Ivan Koloff) (Int Austin Idol) (Int Gene & Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen)