Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 4/14/82

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
April 14, 1982

Interview - Jack Brisco confronted by Roddy Piper. The feud of 1982 begins!
1. Jack Brisco vs. Ken Dalton
Interview - Jake Robberts w/Koloff & Valient Brawl taped earlier
2. Keith Larson vs. Tony Russo
Local Promo w/Mid-Atlantic Tag Champs Pvt Kernodle & Pvt Nelson
3. King Kong Mosca vs. Vinnie Valentino
Halftime interview - Int Ivan Koloff, Sgt. Slaughter & Kingt Kong Mosca
Int Paul Jones
CLIP - Wahoo McDaniel vs. Ali Bey
CLIP - Sgt. Slaughter and his Marine Recruits jump Steamboat & Flair
4. Steve Sybert vs. Mike George
Local Promo w/Kelly Kinisk
5. Jim Nelson & Don Kernodle vs. Terry Taylor & Tony Anthony (w/Robberts, Valient & Brisco

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