Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 4/7/82

Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Taped April 7, 1982 • First Aired April 10, 1982

WPCQ Studios, Charlotte NC

Interview - Sandy Scott

VCR - Gordon Solie with Eddie Graham from Florida on the NWA world tag team tournament.

Interview - Ivan Koloff

1. Jimmy Valiant vs. Ben Alexander
2. Keith Larson vs. Carl Fergie (Ninja blows mist in Valiant's eyes, mgd. by Gene Anderson)

Interview - Sgt. Slaughter
3. Jack Brisco vs. Bill White

Local Promo w/Jim Nelson (see below)

Interview - Gene and Ole Anderson
4. Ivan Koloff vs. Tony Anthony

Interview - Blackjack Mulligan Jr., Jack Brisco, Jimmy Valiant

Brawl w/ Ivan Koloff, Ole Anderson, The Ninja & Jimmy Valiant

Interview - Ray Stevens & Johnny Weaver
5. Tim Horner vs. Rusty Roberts

Local Promo w/Mike Rotundo
6. Terry Taylor & Kelly Kiniski vs. Jim Nelson & Don Kernodle (wild brawl with Kernodle and Taylor)

Interview - Sandy Scott, Jake Roberts & Ray Stevens

Interview - David Crockett, Gene Anderson, Ninja & Ivan Koloff

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