Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Taped 3/03/82

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Taped March 3, 1982
Original Airdate in Major Markets: March 6, 1982

Opening comments by Bob Caudle and guest host Roddy Piper

Interview - Roddy Piper welcomes the Brisco Brothers back to Mid-Atlantic Wrestling

[ ] Austin Idol defeats Vinnie Valentino with the Las Vegas Leglock (figure four.)
Interview - Jake Roberts

FILM CLIP - Sgt. Slaughter and his Marine Recruits, Pvt. Nelson and Pvt. Kernodle, jump Ricky Steamboat immediately after the end of his NWA world title match with Ric Flair. Flair, who had begun to leave the ringside area, returns to aid Steamboat. Sarge and crew throw Steamboat out of the ring and then triple team Flair whipping him with their belts and eventually knocking him unconscious. Steamboat returns with a chair to clear the ring, and then lifts an unconscious Flair into his arms and carries him to the back.

[ ] David Patterson defeats Rick Benefield with a Russian Leg Sweep

Local Promos – Ann Arbor, Michigan – Host Big Bill Ward lets fans know how to get a free Mid-Atlantic Wrestling bumper sticker, and then talks with Austin Idol and Ivan Koloff.

Interview – Ray Stevens and Jimmy Valiant
VIDEO CLIP – From last week: Jimmy Valiant comes out and confronts Ole Anderson, Stan Hansen, and Ivan Koloff.
Halftime Interview – TV Champ Ivan Koloff, Austin Idol, Sgt. Slaughter

[ ] Jack and Jerry Brisco vs. Bill White and Bill Miller when Jack makes Miller submit to the figure four leg lock.

Local Promo Spot #2 – Ann Arbor, Michigan – Close up shot of the Mid-Atlantic bumper sticker, and chats with Blackjack Mulligan Jr. (Barry Windham) and Jack Brisco.

[ ] Pvt. Nelson and Pvt. Kernodle defeat Ron Ritchie and Tony Anthony with an early version of the Slaughter Cannon on Tony Anthony

Final Interview – Nelson and Kernodle talk about Slaughter teaching them their new finishing maneuver, when they are interrupted by Ricky Steamboat who backs them both down. Steamboat talks about losing a close friend in Don Kernodle, and what it meant to have a friend stand up for him the way Ric Flair had in Greensboro, saving him from Slaughter and his Marine recruits.

That will do it for this week fans, we'll see you next week, and until then, so long fo now!

- Piper and Caudle discuss the fact that NWA tag tournaments are being held over the area and that Nelson and Kernodle won the tournament in Fayetteville NC. That specific tournament had been held just two days earlier, 3/1/82 in Fayetteville. When pitching to Caudle for the shows final interview with the Privates, Piper calls Nelson and Kernodle “Fayetteville’s champions!”
- Annoying habit of the WWE editors, they have eliminated the traditional “Let’s take time for this commercial message for the Mid-Atlantic wrestling events coming up in your area” message that would air just before cutting away to the local promo spot segments. For anyone who regularly watched these programs in the 1970s and 1980s, this is like a needle skipping on your favorite 45 rpm record it’s so distracting.
- Music changes: WWE replaces Boogie’s music “Boy from New York City” with their canned theme for Jimmy Valiant.


  1. Brings back lots of memories...Now that was wrestling..I missed that so much!! Only thing missing was George South!!! I am sure he was there!!

  2. WOW!! That brought back alot of memories for me as well. Nothing like saturday afternoon with the whole family watching Mid-Atlantic championship wrestling. Special thanks to all those guys for making so many sacrifices for so many years to bring us top of the line entertainment. GOD BLESS YOU!!
    WE as REAL FANS will love you guys FOREVER!!