Monday, September 14, 2009

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 1/06/82

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Taped January 6, 1982
Original Airdate: January 9, 1982

Opening comments by Bob Caudle and David Crockett
--> NWA representative Sandy Scott introduces Terry Taylor

--> Sgt. Slaughter withdraws offer for $1000 challenge, Scott explains that Mulligan Jr and his lawyers have put an injunction in forcing one more try for Mulligan at the cobra clutch challenge.

[1] Blackjack Mulligan Jr. and Jake “The Snake” Roberts defeat Doug Vines and Mike Miller after a Blackjack Jr. bulldog on Doug Vines.

[2] European Champion Billy Robinson (with Lord Al Hayes) defeats Keith Larson with a backbreaker
--> Commentary by Lord Hayes

Interview – David Crockett with Buddy Landel and Tony Anthony (in the local promo spot A)

[3] “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant defeats Jeff Sword
--> Commentary by NWA TV champ Ivan Koloff

Halftime interviews: Ray Stevens says he will give the tag belt back to NWA official Sandy Scott on the condition that the Andersons defend the tag title immediately; Blackjack Mulligan Jr and Jake Roberts

[4] Terry Taylor defeats Bill White with a rolling reverse cradle out of an abdominal stretch.
--> Commentary by Roddy Piper, who announces that he will not be wrestling on television anymore and will only do commentary

Interview – Mid-Atlantic Tag Team champs Ox Baker and Carl Fergie

[5] Ole Anderson (WTT) and Ivan Koloff (TV) (with Gene Anderson) defeat Buddy Landel and Tony Anthony
--> Commentary by Roddy Piper

Closing Interviews – Big John Studd; Sgt. Slaughter; Ole and Gene Anderson glad to have both tag belts; Ole says he didn’t do it voluntarily; he did it because he was scared. Ole says he will pick a partner and defend the titles, that Gene will be an advisor only.

Aired on WWE Classics On Demand in September 2009.