Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rare 1966 Mid-Atlantic Segment

On a recent edition of the Legends Roundtable on WWE Classics On Demand, a rare clip from Crockett Wrestling aired from 1966. The roundtable topic was "Patriotism" and the panelists were discussing great foreign heels. Jim Ross was giving some background info on Boris Malenko when they broke away to show a roughly 1:40 clip from All-Star Wrestling in 1966 from the WRAL-5 studios in Raleigh featuring host Bob Caudle interviewing Boris Malenko and the Missouri Mauler who was the Southern Heavyweight Champion at that time.

Before you get too excited about some old WRAL footage existing from that far back (as I briefly did), the explanation for the existence of the clip is that it actually came from a broadcast of Championship Wrestling from Florida. The interview was taped at WRAL and sent for airing on Florida TV. Malenko and Mauler were heading to Florida for Mauler to defend the Southern title against "Big O" Bob Orton.

A wonderful clip to have none-the-less, and especially cool to see that version of the Southern Heavyweight title belt which Mauler actually won in Florida and brought to the Charlotte territory (as explained to us by our friends at

Thursday, July 23, 2009

December 1981 Tape/Broadcast Chart

Jim Crockett Promotions taped several weeks worth of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling over a multi-night period in December of 1981 for broadcast over the entire month, including weeks where the promotion was shut down for its annual vacation period.

The following list shows the dates TV was recorded at WPCQ studios in Charlotte and when it first aired in most major markets.

Source: Mid-Atlantic Gateway

Sunday, July 12, 2009

First Report: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 12/10/81

The Rogers Report

The show opens with Bob and David telling us about the upcoming show. Sgt. Slaughter joins the two with some thoughts and is interrupted by Sandy Scott concerning the cobra clutch challenge. Scott says the $1,000 will be put up today in the challenge. Slaughter is not happy about Scott's decision, but Scott states the decision is final.

First match is Blackjack Mulligan Jr. and Jake Roberts vs Mike Miller and Charlie Fulton in tag action. Good physical match with Roberts getting the pin with the backbreaker and knee lift.

Our next match is Billy Robinson vs Tony Anthony.Robinson gets the win with the backbreaker.

Next are promos for WIHT-TV in Ann Arbor,MI. Austin Idol makes some comments. Ivan Koloff also comments on "looking forward to invading Ann Arbor". Roddy Piper says it it great being on TV in Ann Arbor.

Back in the studio, our next match is NWA TV Champion Ivan Koloff vs. Keith Larsen. Koloff gets the win after driving Larsen's head into the mat from the top rope. Sandy Scott discusses with Bob the situation with Paul Jones and the Ninja and Gene Anderson.

Johnny Weaver joins Bob to discuss Steamboat and Piper, and the opportunity for Steamboat to get his hands on Piper during the Battle Royal matches. Ray Stevens joins Bob to discuss Ole Anderson. Stevens still has the tag belt and tells Ole when he comes around he is "going to kick Ole's can like it has never been kicked before".

Next match is NWA Rookie of the Year Terry Taylor vs Tony Russo. During the match, Sandy Scott tells Bob and David that a drawing was held in the back and Blackjack Mulligan Jr. will get the shot at Slaughter's $1,000 cobra clutch challenge later in the program. Taylor gets the win with the flying forearm.

More promos for TV in Ann Arbor. Ray Stevens, Johnny Weaver, and Jimmy Valiant comment on MACW being on the Michigan TV station.

Back in the studio, we see Mid-Atlantic Tag champs Ox Baker and Carl Fergie getting a win over Don Kernodle and Vinnie Valentino.

Next is our cobra clutch challenge with Mulligan Jr. going after Slaughter's $1,000. Sarge goes into the stall again and then drops a hard elbow on Jr. while he is seated in the chair. Scott tells Sarge if he does it again, he will be fined more than a $1,000. Sarge slaps on the clutch and Jr. puts up a big fight to break it. David says "No, we can't be....",but we are out of time and the credits start to roll. TV time runs out while the challenge is still going on.

Thanks to Brian Rogers for this report.