Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Report: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 12/9/81

The Rogers Report

The show opens with Bob and David telling us what's on tap for this weeks episode, including an appearance by European heavyweight champion Billy Robinson. US champion Sgt Slaughter joins them at the podium to remind everyone he still has the cobra clutch challenge going for the $1,000. Bob reminds Sarge that Jay Youngblood wants to accept the challenge, but Sarge blows it off.

Our opening match is tag-team action with Blackjack Mulligan Jr and Jake Roberts vs Charlie Fulton and Chris Markoff. Mulligan Jr gets the win with the bulldog.

Our next match is the Ninja,with manager Gene Anderson,taking on Mike Davis. Ninja uses the Anderson style of working on one part of the body and dominates Davis throughout. He gets the pin with the headbutt from the second rope.

Our next match is Terry Taylor in action vs Mike Miller. Bob reminds us that Taylor is the Rookie of the Year. Blackjack Mulligan joins Bob during the match to comment on Slaughter's cobra clutch challenge and how he could use that $1,000 in the Mulligan household. Jack is impressed with Taylor in the ring. David then tells Blackjack that Sarge is going to demonstrate the cobra clutch later in the program.Taylor gets the pin with the flying forearm.

Next we have promos for WIHT-TV in Ann Arbor, MI featuring Sgt Slaughter and Pvt. Nelson.

Back in the studio, our next match is Jimmy Valiant vs Tony Russo.Valiant gets the win.Back at the podium, Rick Steamboat and Paul Jones join Bob to discuss the Ray Stevens situation. We then see film of Steamboat in a match from WWW in which Piper attacks Steamboat after the match. Ole Anderson joins Piper in beating down Steamboat. Ray Stevens hits the ring and makes the save. Back at the podium, Jones says he trusts Stevens and Steamboat says he appreciates the help from Stevens. Jake Roberts joins them and says that Ole is the hunted now.

Back from break,and Big John Studd is with Bob at the podium, and he has some harsh words for Blackjack Mulligan and all the "rednecks" who idolize Mulligan. Piper comes in and comments on his feud with Ricky Steamboat and reminds us he is still the champion.

Back in the ring, our next match is European champion Billy Robinson taking on Don Kernodle. A good match with Kernodle putting up a good fight, but Robinson gets the win with the backbreaker across the knee.

Slaughter joins Bob at the podium and explains the cobra clutch.He then invites Bob into the ring with he and Nelson as he gives us a demonstration using the move on Tony Anthony. He locks it in and will not break the hold. Youngblood, Roberts, and Taylor hit the ring and Sarge and Nelson bolt.

More local promos for WIHT-TV in Ann Arbor, MI. Jay Youngblood says he is looking forward to coming to Michigan. Porkchop Cash and Jake Roberts comment also.

Back in the studio, our next match is new Mid-Atlantic tag-team champions Carl Fergie and Ox Baker in action against Keith Larsen and Jay Youngblood. Fergie gets the pin on Larsen after Ox nails Larsen with the heart punch.

At the podium, Paul Jones says Slaughter's actions were totally uncalled for. Youngblood also joins Bob and comments on Slaughter and his clutch challenge and says he will get that $1,000. Roberts and Mulligan Jr join Bob and say they are looking forward to tagging alot more and anyone that wants a shot at them,to bring it on.

Bob says so long for now.......