Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Screen Shots from MACW 12/3/81

For a full run down of this show, see the "Rogers Report" at this link: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 12/3/81.

Time for another full hour of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.

Bob Caudle interviews U.S. Champ Sgt. Slaughter as Pvt. Jim Nelson stands at attention.

Referee Sonny Fargo raises the hand of Ricky Steamboat.

Steamboat and Roddy Piper brawl in the ring. Moments later Ole Anderson and Ray Stevens would join the fray.
Mid-Atlantic Champion Roddy Piper says he will be ready to meet Ricky Steamboat in Marion VA.
Ray Stevens tells Ole Anderson that if he wants the other half of the tag belts, he'll have to go through him to get it.
Johnny Weaver talks about his upcoming tag match in Marion VA with partner Ray Stevens against Gene Anderson and the Ninja.
Jay Youngblood accepts the $1000 challenge to break Sgt. Slaughter's cobra clutch.
When Slaughter tries to back out of the challenge, NWA official Sandy Scott warns him he will strip him of the US title unless he gets in the ring with Youngblood.
Slaughter almost has the cobra locked in before backing out of it again.

"Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling has been furnished to this station for broadcast at this time by Jim Crockett Promotions in exchange for commercial consideration."

Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Report: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 12/3/81

The Rogers Report

Bob and David open the show with today's lineup.They are joined by Sgt Slaughter and Pvt Nelson. Sarge has a $1,000 check for anyone that can break the cobra clutch. He lays down the challenge to all the big names. Sarge has Nelson give him 20 push-ups and says he "demands respect" from everyone.

Opening match is Ricky Steamboat vs Charlie Fulton. Sandy Scott joins Bob and David during the match and comments on the $1,000 cobra clutch challenge. Bob asks Sandy about the new stars that Sandy is working to bring in. In the ring Fulton is giving Steamboat a battle. Steamboat ends up getting the win with the surfboard.

Next match is NWA TV champion Ivan Koloff defending the belt against Jim Gray. As Bob says Ivan "mauls" Gray and gets the win.

Local promos next for Roanoke,VA and Marion,VA. Gene Anderson comments on the upcoming match in Marion for his man the Ninja. Piper then comments on his match in Marion against Steamboat.

Back in the studio, Bob and David comment on Ray Stevens and we see a tape of a match from World Wide Wrestling with Rich Landrum of Ricky Steamboat taking on Mike Prater. Piper comes to ringside to taunt Steamboat. Steamboat gets the win and then Piper hits the ring and he and Steamboat get into a brawl. Ole Anderson comes in, nails referee Sonny Fargo, and then Piper and Ole double team Steamboat. Ray Stevens hits the ring to help Steamboat, and they clear the ring. Back in the studio, David and Bob comments on the the incident.

Next match is Ray Stevens vs Mike Prater. Prater attacks Stevens before Ray can get his jacket off and Stevens ends up getting the win with a piledriver while still wearing his jacket. At the podium, Ray joins Bob and says "when he tells you he is going to do something,you can take it to the bank, be it beating someone up or being someone like Ricky Steamboat's tag team partner". Ray says that Gene's "twitch" is due to Ole "sacrificing" him. Ray tells Ole he still has the tag belt and for Ole to come get it if he is man enough.

Next match is Jimmy Valiant in action. Valiant gets the win with the elbow. More local promos for Roanoke,VA 2/20/82 and Marion,VA 2/16/82. Johnny Weaver comments on his upcoming match in Marion and Steamboat then comments on his upcoming match with Piper in Marion.

Back in the studio,the next match is tag action with Slaughter and Nelson. Slaughter walks to the podium during the match and says "Nelson can handle these two guys by himself". Sarge also issues his cobra clutch challenge again to anyone and Jay Youngblood comes out to accept. Sarge says he has some other people that want to accept first and walks back to the ring. Youngblood says he is staying out there until Sarge accepts his challenge. Bob and David both comment and agree during the match about how they believe Ray Stevens can now be trusted for sure. Sarge gets the win with the cobra clutch.

Back at the podium, Youngblood wants Slaughter to accept his challenge. Sarge says Youngblood has already had his chance and others more worthy, like Keith Larson, want their chance. Sandy Scott comes out and says Sarge will accept the challenge and for Sarge to "get in the ring" or be stripped of everything. Ole comes out and says no way Youngblood can win the $1,000. In the ring Sarge and Jay trade verbal shots then Sarge stalls and then goes to the podium and says we are out of time, maybe next week he will accept the challenge.

Bob says "So long for now".

Special thanks to Brian Rogers for this report on the new episode of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on WWE Classics On Demand. This show premiered on WWE Classics on Wednesday 5/13/09.