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iMac Special Editions

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling iMac Special Editions
Updated 3/29/11

Master List
11.18.81  First WWE Episode
01.27.82  Briscos in Florida
05.26.82  Muraco turns on Wahoo
06.09.82  Brisco vs. Muraco
06.23.82  Brisco/Steamboat team
07.07.82  Brisco vs. Piper (title change)
09.01.82  Brisco vs. Jones
12.08.82  Flair/Valentine team
03.12.83  Paul Jones and Dory Funk Jr.

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Brief summaries

11.18.1981  LINK
First show in series on WWE Classics On Demand
• Slaughter with Pvt. Nelson at attention!
• Wahoo burial
• Park Center: Tommy "Wildfire" Rich
• WWWF: Angelo Mosca
• World Wide: Steamboat vs. The Masked Man
• Main Event: Steamboat/Roberts vs. Super Destroyer/Grappler

01.27.1982  LINK
Briscos in Florida
• Blackjack Mulligan teams with son Blackjack Mulligan Jr.
• WRAL Studio footage: Gene and Ole Anderson
• Florida: Gordon Solie with tournament chairman Eddie Graham
• Florida: Gordon Solie interview with Jack and Jerry Brisco
• Florida: Brisco Brothers vs. Davidson Brothers
• AWA: Jessie Ventura and Adrian Adonis
• Weaver/Kernodle vs. Nelson/Seibert (beginning of Kernodle turn)
• Pvt. Nelson holds Slaughter's U.S. belt

05.26.1982  LINK
Don Muraco turns on Wahoo McDaniel
• New U.S. Champion Wahoo McDaniel
• Greensboro Film: Wahoo wins the US title
• Greensboro Film: Ninja injures Jake Roberts
• Weaver/Davis vs. Nelson/Kerndole
• Review of Jerry Brisco

Brisco vs. Muraco 
• Mid-Atlantic title: Jack Brisco vs. Don Muraco (chair finish)
• Muraco/Brisco confrontation
• New U.S. Champion Sgt. Slaughter
• New Mid-Atlantic tag team champs King Parsons and Porkchop Cash
• Old-School Paul Jones (Indian Deathlock)

Brisco and Steamboat
• Opening interview with Jack Brisco and Ricky Steamboat
• Brisco/Steamboat tag team (vs. Matt Borne)
• Pvts. Nelson and Kernodle with Mid-Atlantic tag team belts. Great look at the belts.
• Main event: Roddy Piper vs. Jake Roberts (with Steamboat save.)
• Great closing look with Jack Brisco and the Mid-Atlantic belt

Brisco vs. Piper for the Mid-Atlantic Championship
• Classic match with a Mid-Atlantic title change
• Wahoo and Steamboat put up money for Jack

Brisco vs. Jones 
• Mid-Atlantic title change: Paul Jones defeats Jack Brisco
More Details to follow.

Flair/Valentine Tag Team
More Details to follow

Paul Jones with Dory Funk Jr.
• Main event: Greg Valentine vs. Roddy Piper
• NWA Champ Ric Flair with hilarious "suntan" commentary by Paul Jones
• U.S. Champ Greg Valentine with brand new silver U.S. belt (1983-1986 version)
More details to follow.

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Video Links

Staged until updates are posted:

July 14, 1982

August 4, 1982

Brisco Chronicles

January 27, 1982 - Briscos Arriving Soon from Florida
Sandy Scott announces that Jack and Jerry Brisco will be entering the World Tag Team Tournament. A taped interview is shown from the Championship Wrestling from Florida set with Gordon Solie, followed by a match from the Tampa Sportatorium featuring the Brisco Brothers against the Davidson Brothers.

May 5, 1982 - New Mid-Atlantic Champ Jack Brisco
Sandy Scott comes out and presents the Mid-Atlantic title belt to Jack Brisco after his victory over Roddy Piper two days earlier in Greenville SC.

.. a work in progress ..

June 2, 1982 - Brisco/Jones Team
Jack Brisco teams up with good friend (and long time adversary) Paul Jones. Jones was a frequent challenger for Brisco's NWA world championship in 1974 and 1975. The two also feuded in Florida. Great tag match with Paul using the football tackles and indian deathlock for the win following a textbook double arm suplex by Brisco.

June 9, 1982 - Brisco vs. Muraco
Jack Brisco wrestles Don Muraco. Brisco challenges Muraco at the beginning of the program and Muraco accepts and the two have a good match. Roddy Piper does commentary. At the end, Muraco uses Brisco's signature hold against him as he applies the figure four leglock, but Brisco reverses the hold using the same roll-over technique originally devised by Muraco in Florida in the 1970s. Piper interferes and referee Sonny Fargo awards the decision to Brisco on a DQ. After the match Piper tries to take out Brisco with a steel chair, but Brisco ducks it in time. Brisco is then double teamed until Paul Jones and Jimmy Valiant make the save.

June 30, 1982 - Piper has Brisco's belt
Jack Brisco isn't on this show, but Roddy Piper is with Jack's Mid-Atlantic title belt which he stole from Brisco during an earlier match. This leads up to Brisco and Piper's epic confrontation the following week.

July 7, 1982 - Roddy Piper defeats Jack Brisco to win the Mid-Atlantic title
In the best match of 1982 on TV (and there were many), Piper defeats Brisco under questionable circumstances to win the Mid-Atlantic title. Piper agrees to put the belt up (which isn't his to begin with) if Brisco will put up $10,000. because "the banks were closed on the holiday" brisco can't raise but $5000, so Ricky Steamboat and Wahoo McDaniel both pitch in $2500 each to help Brisco come up with the total of ten grand. Piper wins the match when he hits Brisco with a roll of coins and pins an unconscious Brisco in the center of the ring.

July 21, 1982 - Brisco/Steamboat team
Jack welcomes Ricky back from Japan, and says Steamboat will be his tag partner in matches with Piper and Muraco, and Steamboat has his back. They show some tape of recent events with Piper and the Briscos. Tapes are shown from recent TV of: (1) Piper injures Jerry Brisco (2) Piper attempts to put Jack out with chair during his match with Muraco.

Brisco and Steamboat wrestle Matt Borne and Steve Seibert. Borne in particular has some great moments with both Steamboat and Brisco.

.. a work in progress ..

July 28, 1982 - Brisco/Wahoo team

.. a work in progress ..

August 25, 1982 - Brisco on crutches challenges Paul Jones
After being jumped by Paul Jones in the parking lot, Jack Brisco (on crutches) challenges Paul Jones to a match next week on TV. Rick Steamboat and Jay Youngblood try to talk Brisco out of the match until he has had time to heal from the injuries. 

September 1, 1982 - Mid-Atlantic Title: Brisco vs. Jones
Against the better judgment of brother Jerry Brisco (making a special appearance) and friends Wahoo McDaniel and Ricky Steamboat, Jack Brisco defends the Mid-Atlantic title against Paul Jones managed by Sir Oliver Humperdink. Jones wins the match with illegal karate thrust into the throat of Brisco.

September 8, 1982 - Brisco/Wahoo vs. Jones/Valentine
In the aftermath of the Mid-Atlantic title change last week, Jack Brisco takes Wahoo McDaniel as his partner against the combination of Paul Jones and Greg Valentine from the House of Humperdink.

Information Source: Sunflower / Dark Angel

2/3/2012 Edit:
Sunflower, now directed to Knowlodgy in Kansas City, no longer appears to update their WWE On Demand listings.

I have added a link for Optimum cable's WWE On Demand page. Click that link then select "Premium Subscriptions" from the left-side menu, then select "WWE Classics On Demand" and it will usually provide a list of what is currently airing on WWE On Demand.

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"I Don't Get WWE 24/7!"

Sadly, neither do I. And we're not alone.

In fact, most people don't. It is on a limited number of cable systems nationally, and not currently available on any other platform such as satellite or direct download via iTunes or anything like that. So far, it's a cable system service only. A customer service representative at Time Warner Cable in my area told me they had no immediate plans to carry the service because it was so expensive for them to carry (I took his meaning to be that the WWE wants a hefty fee for a system to be able to offer it.)

It is an interactive service, not a "channel" in the traditional sense. You select an offering off a menu on your interactive digital cable box, and then watch the program immediately as it "streams" to your set top box. I've read that some cable systems claim they don't have the bandwidth to offer it yet, but I don't really buy that.

It is a pay service, unlike most all other On Demand services currently available. In the current scheme, if you subscribe to the regular channel on your cable system (such as HBO for example), you get the On Demand version at no additional charge. The WWE 24/7 service requires the customer to pay an additional fee per month.

DirecTV now has its own On-Demand service, using it's DVR in tandem with a networked Internet connection in your home, via a router. They offer literally hundreds of obscure movies and cooking shows, etc., but no signs of adding the wrestling service.

What can we do? Complain to your service provider (politely) and repeatedly request that your local cable service, or DirecTV if you have that, add the WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand service.

If you want to know what cable systems currently carry WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand, you can check this link:
WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand - Cable System List

Until such time as one of my local service providers decides to offer WWE 24/7 Classics, I will be forced to ask friends who do get the service to record it for me. Thank heavens for good friends!

Good luck to everyone on the prowl for the service!

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Preview: Mid-Atlantic 11/18/81

Here is a preview of the 11/18/81 episode of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling that will debut on WWE 24/7 On Demand on February 4th.

Based on 28 year old notes that we have on this program, it looks like there will only be four matches on this show, which was very unusual for the Crockett shows at that time, which usually followed a strict format and usually had five matches.

The four matches involve the following wrestlers in this order:

• Jay Youngblood
• Sgt. Slaughter
• Jimmy Valiant
• Ricky Steamboat/Jake Roberts vs. Super Destroyer/Grappler

The apparent reason for only four matches being shown is that several video clips and arena films are shown on this program regarding wrestlers coming into the area, which took one of the match segments. (It is also possible that the main event tag match might have gone two segments, but I don't believe that to be the case.)

• Sandy Scott serves as a special official for Jim Crockett Promotions organizing Cadillac Tournaments all around the area over the next few weeks. They will include all the regular wrestlers in the area as well as Tommy Rich (a Georgia Championship Wrestling regular) and Angelo Mosca (a WWWF regular) as well as others.
• Blackjack Mulligan and Blackjack Mulligan Jr. are getting a big push.
• Ole Anderson is the current #1 contender for Ric Flair's NWA World Championship that Flair won just two short months ago (9/17/81 in Kansas City.)

NWA World Champion: Ric Flair
World Tag Champions: Gene and Ole Anderson
United States Champion: Sgt. Slaughter
Mid-Atlantic Champion: Roddy Piper
Mid-Atlantic Tag Champions: Nikolai Volkoff and Chris Markoff (mgd. by Lord Alfred Hayes)
NWA TV Champion: Ivan Koloff
World Jr. Champion: Jerry Brisco
Canadian Champion: Big John Studd
Southern Champion: Blackjack Mulligan Jr.

While it isn't clear if the WWE 24/7 channel is going to air episodes of World Wide Wrestling in addition to Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, we will provide what info we have about that week's World Wide show as we have it.

World Wide Wrestling 11/18/81
Matches included:
• Ricky Steamboat/Jake Roberts
• Sgt. Slaughter with Pvt. Jim Nelson
• Jimmy Valiant
• Ole Anderson/Roddy Piper

World Wide Wrestling was hosted by Rich Landrum and Johnny Weaver.

Here is a clip from the show-closing interview on World Wide Wrestling 11/18/81, the same taping from which the Mid-Atlantic show comes from that will air on WWE 24/7 on February 4th.

Ole mentions that by the time Flair "gets through cutting the turkey" the NWA belt will belong to him. Ole is referencing the main event on the annual Thanksgiving show in Greensboro where he challenges Ric Flair for the NWA world heavyweight championship. This interview aired on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Here is the newspaper ad from that show:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling to Debut on Feb. 4

The first regular episode of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling to air on the WWE 24/7 On Demand channel debuts on February 4th. The show will apparently appear in sequence thereafter. February has only one show slated, but beginning in March they will probably air 2-3 shows a month like they have done with World Class Wrestling and 1980s World Championship Wrestling shows.

The first show was recorded on Wednesday night 11/18/81 in the studios of WPCQ television in Charlotte NC, at that time the regular home of Mid-Atlantic and World Wide Wrestling.

The show features Jake Roberts teaming with Ricky Steamboat to battle the Super Destroyer and the Grappler, plus Sgt. Slaughter and Roddy Piper.

This show aired in most Mid-Atlantic markets the Saturday before Thanksgiving 11/21/81. To get an idea of what was going on in the territory at that time, take a look at the Thanksgiving show that year.

There have been three other complete Mid-Atlantic episodes to air on WWE 24/7 in the past as part of various Hall of Fame tributes. We will have more information on those shows soon.