Monday, April 20, 2009

Screen Shots from MACW 12/2/81

For a full run down of this show, see the "Rogers Report" at this link: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 12/2/81.

NWA trouble-shooter Sandy Scott threaten to strip Roddy Piper of the Mid-Atlantic championship if he doesn't sign a contract to defend against Ricky Steamboat, who watches at left.

Piper finally signs the contract.

Roddy Piper laughs as he tells Ole Anderson he will beat everyone, including Ole, to win that new 1982 Cadillac that is up in a tournament in Charlotte.

Ole says he or Gene will leave Charlotte with the new Cadillac.

Big John Studd lays down a challenge to Blackjack Mulligan.

Carl Fergie applies a front face lock to Larry Hamilton. (No, not that Larry Hamilton.)

Blackjack Mulligan talks with Bob Caudle with his son Blackjack Jr. and Jake Roberts.

Paul Jones, Ricky Steamboat, and Jake Roberts all hope they will be the one to win the Cadillac.

Referee Tommy Young raises the hand of Pvt. Jim Nelson.

Bob Caudle introduces Ole Anderson and Ray Stevens.

Angry at Ole's attempt to sacrifice him like he did his brother Gene, Ray Stevens reaches out and grabs one of the World Tag Team title belts.

Ray Stevens tells Bob Caudle that if Ole wants the other belt back, he'll have to come take it from him.

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