Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Report: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 12/2/81

The Rogers Report

This episode of MACW opens with Bob, David and Sandy Scott. Scott gives us an update on the World-Tag title situation and again lets us know the Caddy Tourney is coming.

Our opening match is Jake Roberts and Mulligan Jr. vs Tony Russo and Jerry Prader. Tommy Young is our referee today. Quick tags for Roberts and Mulligan Jr. We get the Anderson arm slam from Jr and the pin.

John Studd joins Bob at the podium and tells us he is ready and waiting for Mulligan. We see the clip of Studd slapping Jr. and Studd says "it has to hurt for a daddy to see his son get slapped." Studd is angry and wants Mulligan anywhere he can get him.

Studd then goes to the ring for his match and gets the submission win in dominating fashion.

Sandy Scott returns to the podium and tells Gene Anderson to stay out of the upcoming World-Tag title matches. He then begins to tell us about the Steamboat-Piper situation and Steamboat comes out with another bag of letters and Scott asks Piper to come out and join them. Piper is hot, and Scott says if Piper does not calm down, he will strip him of the Mid-Atlantic title. Scott pulls out a contract for Piper to sign to defend his title against Steamboat. Piper signs it and then leaves angrily. Steamboat then signs it and thanks all the fans for all the letters they sent in to make this match happen.

Sgt. Slaughter joins Bob and David at the podium to watch our next match featuring Pvt. Nelson vs Tim Horner. Sandy Scott comes out during the match and says a situation is developing in the back with Blackjack Mulligan. Jack then comes out and confronts Slaughter with some harsh words and then returns to the dressing room. Scott returns and says he is going to the back to try and cool off Mulligan. Horner gives Nelson all he wants, but Nelson gets the win with the clothesline.

Bob gives us the rundown on the card tonight at the Charlotte Coliseum. Sarge comes out and says he has dropped out of the Caddy tourney to take on Mulligan Jr. for the title. Ole comes in and hypes up the Caddy battle royal and tourney. Piper joins him and comments on the Caddy as well. Gene then comes in and Ole says he and Gene are leaving Charlotte with the Caddy.

Our next match is Jay Youngblood against Jeff Swords. A nice match with Swords getting in some good shots on Jay, but Youngblood gets the pin after a nice chop and elbow smash.

Roberts and Mulligan Jr. join Bob at the podium. Jr. says he wants the US title very bad and will face Sarge anywhere, anytime. Roberts wants to talk about Ole Anderson. Jake says either he has to go or the Wrecking Crew has to go. Blackjack joins them and says things are going to start picking up and he takes some verbal shots at Sarge and Studd.

In the ring we have tag action with Ole and Ray Stevens vs. Paul Jones and Buddy Landel. Gene Anderson joins Bob at the podium during the match and discusses the Tag title situation and Sandy Scott's rules. Jones and Landel dominate early with quick tags and some nice offense. Ole and Ray start to work on Landel "Anderson style". Landel finally gets the tag and Paul Jones goes to work. All four men get involved and Gene interferes by pulling Jones leg. Meanwhile, Ole and Stevens get into it after Ole throws Landel into Stevens with the "Gene sacrifice." Stevens gets the pin on Landel.

Ray is fighting mad and will not give Gene and Ole the World tag belt.

Bob then again reminds us about the big card in Charlotte. Paul Jones, Jake Roberts, and Steamboat join Bob to discuss the battle royal and tournament for the Caddy. Roberts says there is no friends in this deal. Mulligan Jr. then joins Bob to discuss his US title match against Sarge. He says he will win the US title from Slaughter.

Our next match is Carl Fergie vs Larry Hamilton. Fergie gets the win with the neckbreaker.

Ray Stevens joins Bob at the podium to discuss the Ole situation. Ray says "don't sacrifice me like you did your stupid brother." He says he has the tag belt and if Ole wants it, to come get it, but be prepared to have his butt kicked. He says nobody pushes Ray Stevens around.

Bob says so long for now...

Special thanks to Brian Rogers for this report on the new episode of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on WWE Classics On Demand.

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  1. That sounds like an awesome show!! I wish i got that damn channel. Bluecom says they dont have the space whatever that means. We have cooking channel fishing channel tiddlywinks channel but no wrestling channel!