Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Report: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 11/25/81

The Rogers Report

The show opens with Bob and David telling us what's in store for this week on MACW. Our opening match is tag-team action featuring the great Blackjack Mulligan and Jake Roberts vs Nikolai Volkoff and Charlie Fulton. Good action throughout with Volkoff bodyslamming Mulligan at one point. This match reminds of how quick and agile Roberts was back then. Mulligan gets the pin after the claw and bodyslam.

Postmatch interview with Bob and Mulligan. Blackjack says he's been doing some work down on the farm, but the big dog is now back. Jack comments on the top talent that has come into the area.

Bob then cuts to a taped interview with Rich Landrum and Sandy Scott talking about that great talent and Sandy tells us we have a 1982 Cadillac to entice more top talent into the area. Sgt. Slaughter interrupts the interview and states he is # 1 in the world, not just the Mid-Atlantic area and he wants that Caddy. Sandy then tells the Sarge to take a look at this tape of Tommy Rich. We see Rich in action vs Tony Russo while Sarge and Sandy discuss the match and who is coming into the area. Sarge says he will wrestle 5 men at one time for that 82 Caddy. Sarge says he has an open contract to anyone that wants a shot at the US title. Roddy Piper joins Slaughter and says he would like that Caddy as well. Rich gets the win. Roddy says Rich does not impress him at all. Sandy tells Sarge and Roddy he has another tape he wants to show them of another top wrestler coming in-Angelo Mosca. Piper and Sarge seem surprised that Mosca is coming. We then see Mosca in action from up north with Vince McMahon on commentary. Mosca destroys his opponent. Sarge then says Mosca will go down like all the others.

Back in the studio, Bob and Blackjack talk more about the Caddy and all the tough competition that stands in the way of getting it. We then see a tape of Blackjack being slapped by John Studd. Jack says Studd will pay.

Bob then reminds us of the great card coming up Thanksgiving weekend at the Charlotte Coliseum with Ric Flair defending the title against Ray Stevens. We then see a tape of Ric commenting on this upcoming match and Ric tells Stevens it's going to be a long night for him and if Ole sticks his nose in, a long night for him as well.

Back in the studio Mulligan comments on his match that night in Charlotte against Studd and then Steamboat and Roberts come out and comment on their match that night as well.

Back from break and Bob has the Sarge at the podium for an interview. Sarge says he is offering $1000 to anyone that can break his cobra clutch. Sarge then introduces the next match with his protege Pvt. Jim Nelson vs Keith Larsen in the studio. Sarge says he has trained him to be a vicious and tough wrestler. Sarge gets some cheap verbal shots in on Wahoo during the match. Nelson gets the win with the cobra clutch.

Back from break Bob has Steamboat at the podium. Rick has a huge bag with him and says he is doing all he can to get Piper in the ring. He then reveals that the huge bag is 1 of 3 he has received this week with mail of fans wanting to see Steamboat vs Piper. He says Piper continues to ignore the challenge and he tells the fans to keep the letters coming and he will continue to take the bags of letters and dump them on Jim Crockett's desk until he gets the title match.

Next studio match is the Ninja with Jim Holliday against Vinnie Valentino. Holliday joins Bob and David at the podium to discuss the Ninja and how great he is. Ninja gets the win.

Bob then reminds us again of the big Thanksgiving weekend card on Sunday at the Charlotte Coliseum. 7 big matches in all. Sarge joins Bob to discuss his match against Mulligan Jr. in Charlotte. Ole then comes in to say that Stevens is taking the World Title from Flair that night. Ole invites Piper out and they discuss their match coming up in Charlotte against Steamboat and Roberts.

Back from break and we have tag team action with Ole and Piper against Tony Anthony and Don Kernodle. David reminds us that Gene Anderson is injured and has been going to matches with Ole, but not getting into the ring and defending their World Tag titles. David says that the tag titles have to be defended and the NWA will have to do something about this. Ole and Piper work well as a team with Piper using the Anderson technique of working on one part of the body. He and Ole continuously work on Anthony's arm until he submits. Piper and Ole destroy Kernodle and Anthony in the ring afterwards and go back to working on Anthony's arm. Steamboat and Roberts hit the ring and Bob says "we have a wild melee in the ring now".

Ole and Piper leave the ring in a hurry. Steamboat and Roberts join Bob at the podium and they say are coming after Ole and Piper. Bob tells us "so long for now".

Thanks to Brian Rogers for this quick report on the current MACW show airing on WWE Classics On Demand. Look for screen captures coming this weekend or early next week.


  1. What is the wrestler's name who competed under the name of "The Ninja"???

  2. What was the deal with Nikolai's flight-helmet/swimming cap/ headgear?

  3. I think it was a amatuer type thing, not sure. It did look funny though.

  4. Entertaining matches. Scott, who is supposed to be the NWA representative, continues to refer to Piper as Rodney, week after week, although the other announcers have it correct.

  5. Sandy always called him that, many of the boys did as well, allthough Sandy was the only one who did it on TV, lol.

  6. You can see tiny glimpses of Jake Roberts' mike skills in a number of these shows. What held him back here was a lack of mike time - he would usually be grouped with four or five faces and get the last 15 or 30 seconds of the interview time.

    Meanwhile, they would often let the preliminary guys drone on and on with generally pointless promos.