Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Report: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling taped 11/18/81

Special thanks to Brian Rogers for sending us this terrific report on the premier of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling on WWE Classics On Demand.

The Rogers Report

The show opens with Bob Caudle, David Crockett, and Sandy Scott. Scott promises to reveal an incentive later to bring more talent into the area.

First match is Jay Youngblood vs Ricky Harris. Youngblood looks smooth as always in getting the victory.

We then get an interview with an irate US Champion Sgt. Slaughter, joined by Pvt. Nelson. Sarge brings a tape for us to see of a Wahoo interview where the Chief calls the Sarge a coward. Back in the studio Sarge pulls out a contract to defend the title against "the fat indian" as Sarge calls Wahoo.

Sarge vs Ken Hall is our next match in the studio. Sarge calls out for Wahoo a few times during the match. Sarge gets the win with the cobra clutch.

Time for a local promo for Roanoke on Feb 7,1982 with an interview with Ivan Koloff,who will be taking on Jimmy Valiant in a no DQ match for Boogie's Cadillac. Koloff says he is going to take the Caddy and then watch Ric Flair destroy Blackjack Mulligan Jr. Sandy Scott is back with his incentive program of offering a 1982 Cadillac to get some of the talent in. Tommy Rich is mentioned and we get to see a taped match of Rich in action against Tony Russo with Ole Anderson at ringside. Rich gets the win with the Thesz press.

Roddy Piper, Ole Anderson, and the Sarge join Caudle and Scott back in the studio to discuss the Cadillac prize. Scott shows the 3 a tape of Angelo Mosca in action.

After a break we get an interview with Jake Roberts, Steamboat, and Youngblood. Jay wants the US title from the Sarge. Steamboat wants Piper and the Mid-Atlantic title. Jake wants Ole.

Our next studio match is Jimmy Valiant getting a very quick victory.

Piper joins Bob for an interview. Roddy has a tape of Steamboat in action against a masked man and Piper runs in and covers Steamboat for the pin with the masked man counting to 3. Back in the studio Steamboat comes to the ring and challenges Piper, who heads to the dressing room.

Time for another local promo for Roanoke on Feb 7 with an interview with Ray Stevens and Jay Youngblood discussing their tag match and then the Boogie Man discusses his match with Koloff.
Finally Mulligan Jr. discusses his title match with Ric Flair.

Back in the studio our next match is Steamboat and Roberts vs Super Destroyer and the Grappler. A good hard, physical match. Piper and Ole Anderson come to ringside and the great referee Sonny Fargo has his hands full. Piper and Ole get in the ring and fight it out with Jake and Steamboat,who get the win by DQ.

Jake and Steamboat join Caudle at ringside to discuss and show the rest of the tape Piper showed earlier in the show. Steamboat is hot and wants Piper badly.

Bob Caudle tells us "So long for now."

A very good episode with some nice action and some great hot interviews.

Thanks again to Brian Rogers for sending us this terrific report on the premier of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling on WWE Classics On Demand. Look for our Gateway review, screen captures, and more early next week.

ALSO - Stay tuned for a note later this weekend about the difference in time between the date this show was taped and the date of the show promoted in the local promotional segments.


  1. Brian did a great job. I hope he continues to do these reviews.

  2. Hey, this is a great blog! I can't wait to see more of these shows written up. I hope they show those world wide shows too. Those were great days. Lord Hayes and Johnny Weaver had a great feud. Thanks for this information.

  3. love this stuff, please keep up these great summaries for those of us who don't get this wwe oldies channel!

  4. Just wanted to let you that know I enjoy your site.
    During the show, Sandy Scott refers to Piper as "Rodney" Piper a few times - was this a slip, or was that his name at the time?

  5. No, Roddy Piper was always "Roddy". It wasn't a slip, Sandy Scott always called him "Rodney" for some reason, I think it must have been a mental block! But he always called him that.

    Sandy is a regular at ACW wrestling events in Rocky Mount VA; I'll have to ask him about that next time I go to one of their shows.

    Glad you are enjoying the blog.